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Rumors and compliments

Here's Maya and Ben together! Yeah, we've seen them. Here's a sunset! Yeah, that, too.

Back to Summer and Dan B.'s date. I have to say that, on this date, Dan B. is neither the sleazebag he was on his date with Nicole or as the smug ass he's been with Natasha. He seems likeable, even. Dan and Summer both admit to being attracted to each other, but that's as far as it seems to go. Mike Fleiss shakes his fist. Curses! They aren't needy enough!

Back at the house, the classmates drink. What else is there to do? Well, play stupid games and drink. Patricia suggests Truth or Dare. God, they're all about these rumor/truth/confessional games. They're all going to get drunk enough to speak their minds anyway, so I don't get why all this multi-tasking is necessary. I guess it's better to be organized about drunkenly blathering secrets and taking off your clothes. They sit around by the pool playing Truth or Dare, and Jeff asks lots of bullshit questions, like is it true that Natasha had a crush on him in high school (well, no) and if it's true that Dave made out with Holly and bragged about it. Dave gets this look of chagrin on his face like, "What? What makes you think I'm the same high holy dicksmack I was three days ago?" Then Natasha dares Dave to kiss Holly on the lips, and he does. In an interview, Dave says that ever since their date Holly has been "letting her guard down" around him. You can tell that he very badly wants to say "top" instead of "guard." In Holly's interview, she says that Dave's "got this really great, sweet side of him that nobody sees." KK: "Yeah, because having a sweet side helps so much when NOBODY SEES IT."

Amy and Nicole are sitting around on the couch. Amy starts talking about how Natasha and Patricia are planning on holding a cocktail party for the guys only. "Just them two?" asks Nicole. "Just them," says Amy. Nicole: "Are there any other girls that are invited?" Amy: "No, just the guys!" Nicole: "Wait, so we're not invited?" Jesus, does Amy need to draw a fucking Venn diagram for Nicole? THIS CIRCLE REPRESENTS THE SET OF GIRLS; THE SHADED AREA DENOTES THE SUBSET OF GIRLS THAT ARE NOT NATASHA OR PATRICIA. Eventually Nicole understands that THE SYNTHESIS OF CIRCLE A AND CIRCLE B IS A COCKTAIL PARTY TO WHICH YOU'RE NOT INVITED, LOSER. And then she gets pissed. "You're fucking kidding me!" says Nicole. "The only way for them to get drinks is to pay them compliments," snickers Amy. "Oh! So they're so insecure they need compliments!" Nicole says huffily. "Just relax," says Amy, who clearly thinks it's all sort of funny and just doesn't give a shit. Young lady, that attitude will never get you anywhere on a reality show.

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