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Rumors and compliments

Last to take the "hot seat" is Ben. Mike Richards reads the question: "Are you really a millionaire?" Cut to Ben rubbing his chin thoughtfully. Cut to the other classmates watching Ben rubbing his chin thoughtfully. Cut to Maya sitting among the other classmates and watching on her own while the other classmates continue to collectively watch Ben rub his chin thoughtfully. Cut to the part of Ben rubbing his chin thoughtfully that we initially missed while watching the footage of Maya singled out watching among the rest of the classmates, who, as a whole, watch Ben rub his chin thoughtfully. The techno music builds up. Have we seen the same two-second moment from fifteen different angles yet? You know? That moment? When Ben was rubbing his chin thoughtfully? Have we? Yes? YES? "Yes, I really am a millionaire," says Ben. Everyone applauds. Ben gives a "right on" hand signal while rolling his eyes a little. Maya says it's attractive how humble Ben is about his millionaire status. Natasha says in an interview, "Wow, Ben's a millionaire -- I should pay more attention, try to grab hold of him or something." She's kidding. At least, we think she's kidding. It's hard to tell. Let's hope she's kidding, but using her acting skills to make it seem like she's serious.

Later on, Holly calls out to Summer, "There's something big on your bed." You know, if someone told me that, I would never in a thousand years think that would be a good thing, but in Summer's case it is -- it's a present from the same secret admirer who left her a note the night before. It's a big, blank handmade book. Holly brings it into the kitchen and reads aloud the note that came with it: "This book has empty pages / your art and thoughts could fill it / hope and dreams could make it thick / love and dreams complete it." Aww. That's sweet. Especially the "make it thick" part. Nobody knows who the secret admirer is. "Summer thinks that Tim or Maurice gave her the note, because those are the only two guys who haven't gotten Hall Passes yet…but then we remembered that Chris Eads also hasn't been given a Hall Pass yet." Yeah, it's hard to remember that Chris Eads is even around.

Natasha, Patricia, and Maya get ready for the cocktail party. They line up liquor on the dresser and light candles. "It's all about ambience," Patricia explains, arranging some flowers. Ooh, their room looks nice, like you almost forget that just outside the door there's the rest of the beach house, and the patio, and the swimming pools, and, um, ALL OF HAWAII. "We're curious to see who's going to come, and what kind of compliments they're going to bring for us, and what's going to transpire," says Patricia. "Curious"? How much speculation could you possibly need for a party where you've invited only NINE people and you've TOLD THEM WHAT TO SAY? Dan Barbato and JockDan sit around talking about which compliments they'll give. How sad is it that they actually have to think about this? Dan B. says his first compliment will be, "You look so good I'd like to put you on a plate and sop you up with a biscuit!" Well, that explains a lot about Dan Barbato. Amy walks by the living room, and the guys ask her if she's coming to the party. "We're not invited," she says matter-of-factly. The guys begin to arrive at the party shirtless and wearing beach towels, and Natasha, Patricia, and Maya put flower leis on them. The girls coo excessively and act like they haven't seen these guys nonstop for the last eight days.

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