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The Ass Pass

Summer's swimming around in the pool when she calls out, "Hey, Jeff -- wanna go out on the twenty-four-hour thing? We could get to know each other!" Jeff's on the patio, grilling bratwurst. "I think I'd rather just stay here and get drunk," he says. Summer says dryly in an interview, "That was really funny to hear him say that." From the pool she yells back: "I think you're gay, man -- you've gotta be gay!" In the interview, she explains that calling him gay was a joke to shield her ego. Back on the patio, Jeff turns back to the grill and tends to the brats. "I have a tremendously low self-esteem," says Jeff in a voice-over, as one by one he collects Scorched Weenies of Pride and lays them out on a platter. Go on, laugh at them. Laugh! "And I wasn't convinced that she would really actually want to go out with me," he says. He says he thought that if he accepted, she would say she was kidding and say she'd rather go out with a real man. Back in the pool, Summer is still trying to convince Jeff. "I'd wear this," she says, pointing to her Body Glove scuba shirt. Jeff turns back to his weenie-tending.

Over in their suite, Maya and Natasha and Patricia are hanging out in their walk-in closet, because they've figured out that trying on clothes with other people is another way to get compliments. Maya is apparently talking about the Super-Special Hall Pass: "At this point, I wouldn't know what to do…" "What do you mean? Like in bed?" snickers Natasha. Ha, ha! Because it's a Sex Pass! Whatever. "No, I mean about asking somebody," says Maya. She says in voice-over that she and Ben have been sort of "on hold" since their Hall Pass date. She says it's been "touch and go" since then, and instead of just asking Ben, she's insisting that he let her know he'd like to spend time with her. We see Ben hanging out on the patio, and the camera pulls back to show Maya lounging a few feet away in the foreground, reading a book. She's holding it up straight enough that you can see it's a big hardcover edition of News of a Kidnapping by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Big enough to conceal a copy of The Rules? Maybe.

Maya talks to Dave while he gives her a backrub. There definitely seems to be some sort of back muscle crisis in the whole house. Maya says, "You understand that I, um…" Dave finishes: "Wouldn't mind getting to know Señor Reb?" "Where did you get that information?" Maya asks. The hell? He can suggest an entire sentence to her like that? He's Yoda now? He tells her that Ben would love to get to know her. "He's made a lot of money, and he's shy, and it's a tough combination." Maya says she understands shyness, but "if I was interested in somebody, I wouldn't downplay my feelings to such an extreme." Ben continues to hang out on the patio, oblivious. Maya continues to sit just out of sight, reading her book. Like Summer, Maya's also wearing a Body Glove scuba shirt. Body Glove: Official sportswear of sending mixed signals.

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