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Ben and Maya go scuba-diving. Wow -- that's fun, but kind of complicated for a date. Maybe Mike Fleiss is hoping they'll get all kinky with the latex gear and things will get sexier. Nope, they just like each other like normal people.

Ssshhheeeeeeeewwwwww! Back to the house. Summer and Tim lounge around on the patio and talk, and Tim says in voice-over: "To have Summer here just eclipses my feelings for all the other girls." He says he decided to write her a letter, "because I've really enjoyed being around her, and I just thought I had an opportunity to resolve something." Cue slo-mo footage of Summer that's made to look all jumpy and grainy and scratchy -- like, what, Tim's memories are only available in Super-8 format and not VHS? Tim reads aloud the letter: "Summer -- the vibrant blood that flows in your veins, the electricity of your presence, the soft silence when your heart is open and your eyes understand. I want to be indelibly alive for one more moment just to know you in a place of love, so we can share sacred space, and let what has been slip away to greet the golden beams of a new day, and, oh, that's my soy milk in the fridge, so could you stop using so much of it in your coffee? Thanks." Tim says he wants to know that the emotional stuff with Summer "was on both sides -- it was mutual, and in a different world it might still be there, you know what I mean?"

Lava is all around for Dave and Holly. They're making a lava connection, those two. Hot love lava! Well, actually, it's not hot at all; they're having to hike over hundreds of yards of nothing but lava rock and they keep getting lost and Dave admits in an interview that the hike "was a little disappointing." Though for once it's kind of nice to have the people on this show do something where they're not ooh-ing and aah-ing and blathering about how wonderful it is. They stop for a picnic and Dave complains that the rock "is close to the most uncomfortable ground that I've ever sat on." Holly asks him what was the most uncomfortable. "I don't know, but I think I'd rather be on street pavement!" says Dave. This seems to completely crack Holly's shit up.

JS: Oh, bless her heart, she thinks that's funny.
KK: What does she do again? She's a lawyer?
Wendola: She's a corporate attorney, I think.
JS: Well there you go, then.

"He's funny," says Holly, "which is really important. And most importantly I think he's really -- "

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