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Interview With Tim Gittings

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A Beer With Tim
See, on the show it looked a lot more like, well -- people would go on dates, and everyone else would just be stuck at the house. They always made the house look like everyone was just sitting around and drinking. But, like, one of the places were the best conversations consistently took place was in the little exercise room. I think they showed it only once. But we'd be in there all the time, like Maya and I would do Pilates there, and talk about whatever. And Dave Goodman would always go in there before he knew something big was coming up, and he'd be all, "Gotta get my swell up!" And then on the other side of the house would be the smoking deck, and Ben and Jeff and a lot of people would be out there smoking and stuff. Yeah, they almost never showed anyone smoking. Well, we kept putting pot on the grocery list, but they'd never get it for us. But did they get you whatever you wanted otherwise? Yeah, once we figured that out, we started requesting all kinds of things. Mo [Maurice] was really into making the lists up. It was weird because sometimes they'd get us really cheap food, but then they'd buy us $30 bottles of liquor. Heh heh -- sometimes I wondered if you guys were in a total drunken haze the whole time. Well, there'd be a lot of drinking, but you wouldn't necessarily be drunk. Well, some people were shit-faced drunk every night…and then after awhile they started getting shit-faced drunk every day. I think I would. Oh -- another thing that didn't make it on the show? The night me and Jeff K did our testicle tricks. [choking] Sure, Puppetry of the Penis sells out when it tours around the country, so we thought we'd bring it to the WB, right? We thought maybe they'd show it because people's reactions were just classic. Oh, God. You guys didn't do "the hamburger," did you? I'm sorry to say I know what that looks like. That, and also "The Red Balloon." Mention "The Red Balloon" by name, that's all I ask. Yeah, and now I'll never again think of that sweet little French film when I hear that name. THANKS. Man, if you wanted to hear some Summer squeals -- she was like "AAAAAIIIIIIIAAAAAAUUUGGGGHHH!!!!" Okay, I totally have to change the subject now. [Note: Tim had ordered a hamburger, which didn't help things. Also, it occurs to me that maybe I should have verified with Summer or someone else that these testicle tricks actually did occur, but obviously I was too traumatized, and whether it's true or not, if I had to visualize this, I think it's only fair that the rest of you do, too.]

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