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So who won those mock elections? Well, we made up some of our own categories because we didn't like all the ones that the producers gave us. Patricia cleaned up that night -- in addition to Prom Queen, she won Best Female Body. Dan P. won Best Male Body -- or Sexiest, or whatever. Chris was The Most Likely To Succeed in The Next Ten Years; Ben was Most Improved; Dan Barbato was Still Stuck In '92, which -- well, whatever, I mean, I still like to listen to BloodSugarSexMagik. Mo got Best Cook, because he cooked all the time, Sarah got Best Mom, because she really kind of took care of all of us…you really didn't see that on the show. Yeah, we really didn't. She was a lot of fun, and she totally became part of the group really quickly. Like, when we played Century Club [a drinking game] one night, she put everyone to shame. Like, she was the only girl who could keep going, and a lot of the guys dropped out before her, and at the end it was her and me and Jeff, and we were just plastered. So did you ever worry about what would make it on the show? I mean, everyone does and says stuff that they regret. Yeah, they were pretty good about that. They had a psychiatrist there -- Oh yeah, I read somewhere about that. -- and a couple times she came and talked to all of us, and that was kind of weird, and [the producers] said, if there's anything you feel really uncomfortable about, let us know. And you could say, "You know, there was that one conversation…" And it turns out that practically none of those made it on the show. Really? Wow, because there were a few moments on the show that seemed like Major Regret Moments. Like when Sarah flashed her bra. Oh, no. She did that all the time. Oh! Okay, then. So did anyone get voted Most Annoying? No, we didn't do that. See, the thing was that all of us really liked each other and got along. I mean, I guess we kind of knew that [the producers] had a show that they needed to do and everything. But we got to a certain point that we wouldn't go past. We all got along and weren't going to fake like we didn't. The impression I got with Barbato and Natasha was that whatever there was between them, they were really comfortable with expressing it. I think Natasha definitely embraced this as a real opportunity and she jumped whole into it -- you know, more power to her. So did Dan, so did Dave, so did Jeff…I think Jeff came out looking the best out of everybody. He was just awesome. Yeah…you know, I wish they had shown more of everybody.

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