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Yeah, it seemed like some of the others there were just there to have a good time, and didn't have a problem with anyone else, and so they just got less screen time. Definitely. You know one thing that really surprised me -- okay, I spent a lot of time making fun of Dan Barbato and his man boobs during the show, and all the posters on the boards were like, "Oh my God, what does Natasha see in him?" But when I saw him in person I was surprised at how much taller he was, and…I hate to admit it, but you can see that he sort of has it going on somehow. Yeah, the thing with Dan is that he's just totally himself. He's always himself in all circumstances and he makes no apologies for that. He's just like -- well, if you don't like him, he doesn't care; it's not that he wouldn't want people to like him, then it's no skin off his back. He was just really cool to hang out with. Yeah, and by the end of the show a lot of people on the boards were beginning to come around to him and were like, "Okay, Dan's all right." Incidentally, one of the best boxing matches that one day -- because everyone fought -- was Dan P. and Dan B. Wait, you guys all boxed? Oh yeah. And the Dans -- that was an epic battle; that was the heavyweight bout. Because both Dans are big, like Dan P. is pretty cut, and Dan Barbato's pretty fucking strong. They were both dishing it out. That was a good fight. So what were some of the other fights? Natasha and Maya got in the ring, and they were just kind of kidding around, but then Summer and Sarah got in the ring, and they totally went at it! Like, at first they were joking around, but then Sarah hit Summer in the boob, and so Summer clocked her on top of her head, and then it was this huge fight. It was awesome. Oh, that would have been great to see. I'm sure there are guys who would pay to see that, too. Yeah, the boxing was so much fun…Jeff K. and I fought, and we were the only ones to make it through three rounds. It was pretty funny, because I was supposed to fight Dave Goodman. I mean, we asked for all that boxing stuff, and when we got it we were trying to decide who would fight who, and Dave was like, "Hey, you want to fight? We're probably about the same weight and everything." He would've probably killed me, but I was like, "Sure, okay." But then at the last minute [the producers] were like, "Hey, we're going to have Ben fight Dave. Why don't you fight Jeff?" Because Jeff and Ben were going to fight originally. And we were like…uh, okay.

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