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A Beer With Tim
No kidding. They filmed an extra ending, which I'm so glad they didn't use. Because Dave didn't punch Ben out of the ring; Dave punched Ben pretty hard and then Ben dove out of the ring. Yeah, I was wondering about that, because it sure looked like he dove out when I did the slow-motion on TiVo. [We order another round.] Okay. Best moment that made it into the show. Well, personally for me, I'm really pleased with the way they shot that whole final day with Summer and me. They really could've played it different ways and made it look bad. I think they tried to give a really balanced representation of what happened, and that really pleased me. It was a really special time, and I'm really glad with the way it came out. I'm glad they showed at least some of the stuff on that bike ride. And we got plastered at that little lodge afterwards, and everybody was just having a ball. I mean, they showed little moments of a lot of the good times. Yeah, I could tell in those clips at the end there was a lot of that. I think one of the best times was right after the show wrapped. A couple people had to fly out, but the rest of us got to stay in the house an extra night, and they let us play music, and they had a stereo that pumped music throughout the whole house, because we hadn't been able to listen to music for a long time. [Note: for purposes of continuity, background music isn't allowed in most reality show living quarters.] We had this huge dinner and we all went out to this party with the whole crew, and we just got shit-faced. So have you been recognized a lot when you've been out? Yeah. The high-school-age attendance at my Pilates class has gone up a lot. And sometimes I've been out at a bar and someone will be like, "Hey, aren't you that dude from the show?" And I'll say, "I am if you buy me a beer." Does that mean I should pay for this round? [laughs] Yep.

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