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Ménage à Terror
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Previously on Revolution: Miles and Monroe used to be BFFs, but then Monroe went crazy and Miles tried and failed to kill him, twice. Aaron abandoned his wife after the blackout, and then he and Rachel went in search of the Tower. And Miles used to bang the president of Georgia, probably, because Miles has had sex with and/or betrayed everyone still living on the continent of North America.

Miles and Jim get drunk amid flashbacks to the last time they slaughtered a bunch of people, which was quite recently, in a battle against Monroe's forces. The battle appears to have been waged on top of an enormous landfill, because everyone keeps clambering over piles of rubble and garbage to stab militia soldiers in the face. A Georgia captain comes into the tent and sums up the casualties: nine rebels, thirteen Georgians, and no survivors from the militia company. The captain leaves and Jim exposits that Captain Dixon is President Foster's spy in their camp. Miles points out that she gave them an army, so they should expect her to want intel. Jim tells Mr. Gloomy Guts to lighten up, because they won. Miles mopes over those twenty-two casualties, and will not be ungloomed.

Jim and Miles go outside to find Charlie, her glorious hair unbound in the wind, because that's still the most practical look for hand-to-hand fighting, scavenging guns from the dead militia soldiers.

Philadelphia. Monroe has the Liberty Bell in his quarters, apparently, just for that extra soupçon of irony. He is not pleased by the report of the rebels and Georgians overtaking his forts at Carbondale (Illinois), Marion (Ohio), and Evansville (Indiana). Jeremy's the one giving the report, and he takes a drink and calls the losses "a few little setbacks." The appropriate slur for Georgians now, you'll be happy to know, is "Peach-Eaters." Noted, Jeremy. Monroe's real beef is that it's Miles who's beating his forces. He wants Miles dead, immediately. Jeremy and his comically enormous ears remind Monroe that Miles is a hard man to find, but Monroe has A Plan.

The Mississippi River. Rachel and Aaron pay their way across the western border of the Monroe Republic with diamonds. The man who accepts payment welcomes them to the Plains Nation.

Monroe and Jeremy travel by helicopter; on the ground, people stare up at it in wonder and/or horror. The helicopter lands and Monroe surveys the assembled peasants. He tells Jeremy to round the people up. Jeremy observes what a nice town it is, and says, "Welcome home." I'm sure everyone here in Small Town Wherever will be thrilled to see their psychotic, murderous native son back to visit.

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