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Clarify me, Claire

And here's a little Greek chorus: Sun and Jin, watching the proceedings from a little distance. Jin wants to know if Claire's okay, and Sun says she thinks she is, and Jin asks after the baby, and Sun looks at him for a moment before saying that she's sure the baby is fine. Something's going on here; either Jin (and/or Sun) is interested in Claire's baby specifically, or, more likely in my mind, Sun and Jin have an upcoming backstory about a baby of their own.

From one secretive couple to the next: Boone's grilling Locke on whether Claire escaped and blah blah blah blah, and Locke's all, essentially, "Did I get here before you or something?" Boone's quite incredulous that Claire doesn't remember anything. "You think he's around?" Boone asks. Dude, the credits are rolling RIGHT NOW. It just said, "Guest starring William Mapother," like TWO SECONDS AGO. Pay attention!

Charlie brings Claire her diary. Thank you, odd little man who HAS MY DIARY FOR SOME REASON, I'M FEELING SAFER BY THE SECOND. He says it might help, and he points out that where they're sitting right now is where she sleeps. "It's quite cozy, innit?" She says nothing. Eventually, he says that when Ethan took her, he took Charlie too, and the others came after them and got Charlie back but she was gone. And how nice that Claire's getting the story in dribs and drabs like this. "Who is he, Ethan?" asks Claire. "Ethan...Ethan's the bad guy," says Charlie, and I think new viewers could stand a little more complexity than this. Claire wants to know why Ethan left Charlie behind. It's because you're cuter, Claire. Charlie wants to leave that story for the morning. She says she won't be sleeping, and Charlie says that's lucky because he's not much of a sleeper himself, so finally he has someone to stay up with. "We're friends?" says Claire, and it hilariously sounds like she can't believe that. Charlie says they are indeed friends. And he keeps staring at her, at least until he flashes back to his drug-snortin'-in-back-alleys days back in London.

His buddy, or mate or bloke or whatever the hell, who's partaking of illegal substances with him in the alley behind some bar, whines that their stash is getting low, and since Charlie doesn't have vast quantities of money to buy more (isn't he a bloody rock god?) he's going to have to go back to work.

But we're not talking about singing here; back in the bar, Dodgy Mate is talking about "Lucy Heatherton, 22 and ripe in oh so many wonderful ways." She's a smiling brunette out for a pint with her girlfriends elsewhere in the bar. Dodgy Mate explains that she just graduated from Oxford and lives with her dad in Knightsbridge, her dad being Francis Pryce-Heatherton, "who, my friend, is bloody loaded." Charlie wants to know how Francis gets his information, like this is really inside stuff he's got here. "Ready to fall in love, Mr. Charlie Pace of legendary rock band Driveshaft?" Charlie's a little hesitant, watching the cute girl with her friends, but he finally says, "Absolutely."

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