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Clarify me, Claire

Charlie's at least had the good sense to tell the castaways about the threat, even if they're not quite as convinced as to the proper course of action. "What do we do? We go out and we bloody kill him!" Locke thinks Charlie should calm down. Of course, Charlie needs to convince them he's right, since Ethan's already kicked his ass twice. But Jack agrees with Charlie. "The man threatens to kill one of us unless we bring him Claire and what, we just wait for that to happen?" Jack says they tracked Ethan once, they can do it again. "You both seem to have forgotten how that turned out," says Locke. Heh. Locke's idea is to "circle the wagons" -- tell a select few and post sentries. Hey, guard duty! What a great idea! And now that the castaways are in danger for the very first time, maybe they should implement that. "'Tell a select few'?" scoffs Jack, because he's so good at telling everybody everything that's going on. But that's apparently what he wants to do this one time, so Locke agrees, and Jack decrees that they'll move everybody into the jungle, and Locke starts wondering if maybe that's just what Ethan wants so he and any help he has can get rid of them in one swoop. "All right, John, you obviously have a plan," says Jack. "So let's hear it." Locke just looks at him like, all right, all that time playing Axis and Allies finally pays off!

Sun gives a shirtless Jin a sponge bath, which is apparently the Korean method of treating a head trauma. They talk in subtitled Korean about how this is the best vacation ever. Well, of course they don't. It's got Sun asking Jin what happened and a frustrated Jin saying that he has no idea what's going on. Essentially. Sun's looking vaguely guilty about being able to speak English, but the way Jin snaps at her in one particular instance makes me wonder if he doesn't in fact suspect that she does speak English.

Charlie goes to blather on to Claire, which is great, as we haven't heard him yammering on for like two whole minutes already. She's concerned that no one's really talking to her, and she wonders if something's going on, so I guess they didn't tell her about the threat against her, which means that Jack's glasnost only goes so far. Charlie talks about what a great time they've had on the island, even going so far as to build a golf course. And how much do I hate hearing about golf in the middle of winter when I can't play? I don't wish to alarm you, but I was in Canadian Tire the other day and I just stood in the golf section for five minutes looking around at all the equipment and figuring out just how long it would be until I can play again, like my blossoming golf-obsession is precisely the sort of trait I would have mocked in someone else just a few years ago, and yet here I am. Anyway, since Claire really doesn't appear to relish the thought of Charlie's nonstop blather, she just asks him point-blank if something's going on, and he says there isn't. And then he stares off into space, which might freak Claire out a little bit, given that she has amnesia and likely doesn't remember how flashback-heavy this show is.

So Lucy's brought Charlie back to her place after what is I guess their first actual date, and Charlie's going on about how if she wanted to invite him back for sex she should just say so instead of pretending she's invited him back for tea, like SHUT UP, CHARLIE. And she goes off to fix the tea while he cases the joint and checks out anything pawnable, and quizzes her on her relationship with her father, who Lucy says is quite thrilled that she's going on a date with a bona fide rock star, like how unfortunate for Charlie that he apparently has some competition here. Her dad's out of town; Lucy thinks he's buying some paper company up in Slough. Now that, my friends, is a shout-out. And she comes back in as he's checking out a silver and gold cigarette case or something, and she says it belonged to Winston Churchill and her dad collects "old rubbish" from world leaders. And she wants Charlie to meet him ("Winston? No thanks. I hear he's quite mouldy," jokes Charlie) so guess who's coming to dinner?

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