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Clarify me, Claire

Charlie watches the group making their plans, and since he doesn't know Kate's past, he's probably thinking, "Oh, a bird gets to go but I don't? Wankers. Lorry, flat, telly." And so forth. Sayid's telling Claire that she'll be surrounded at five points, and reminds the others that "guns are the measure of last resort." They want Ethan alive. Charlie glares after them as they saddle up.

It's night, and it's raining, and Claire's all by herself in a small clearing in the jungle. You know, they could have given her a jacket. We see the A-Team in their various hiding places, and if they don't want to be seen, maybe they could quit moving around and poking their heads out from around the trees. Suddenly, Ethan lunges out from the brush at Claire, who goes screaming off through the woods, which probably ain't part of the plan. Commercials.

Claire's running, Ethan's chasing her, Jack's following behind. Still no "Run Through The Jungle." My anger knows no words. Jack manages to tackle Ethan, losing his gun in the process, while the other members of the A-Team swing into action, mainly consisting of yelling and pointing guns while Jack and Ethan fight. Jack finally gets the upper hand, while Locke is yelling "hold your fire" like this is a military exercise or something. Ethan's down on the ground, and Jack still keeps clocking him, but considering how strong Ethan's proven to be, I'm not sure I can really blame him. "Winner by knockout. Nice one, doc!" yells Sawyer. Ethan gets to his knees. "Uh uh uh, jungle boy. Not for one second," says Sawyer, with his gun right in Ethan's face. But before anything else happens, blam blam blam blam. Ethan's wasted, bullets through the chest, and somehow not one member of the A-Team noticed Charlie showing up and picking up Jack's gun. Everybody looks stunned. Now they'll never be able to ask Ethan what the weather is like in Ontario! Nice scene, if kind of bullshit. The rain and the mud made things pretty dramatic. And for those of you who found the wet fighting men kind of hot, I'd like to complain about the grievous underutilization of Kate in this scene. What was even the point of bringing her along?

Back at the camp, Jack sits down next to a brooding Charlie. "Why did you do it, Charlie?" he asks, which you'd think they might have covered right after it happened. "Because he deserved to die," says Charlie. Jack starts talking about what they might have learned from Ethan, but Charlie doesn't think Ethan would have told them anything. "I wasn't going to let that animal anywhere near her again," he says. Shut up, Charlie. Jack just blinks a couple of times.

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