A Gettysburg Address

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Whatever Comes After, Something That Was
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Jessica was fickle, Dana and Finn ran over a person's mom, and Mike and Lauder slowly (and perceptively) started to put the pieces together about Brody's triple-agency. Meanwhile, Saul watched as Quinn went haywire on Brody, then turned him over to Carrie for the greatest episode of television ever made. In the end, Brody ended up telling Jessica he was working for the CIA, which like everything out of his mouth is both true and a huge lie. He and Carrie are "pretending" to have an affair, which can only lead to them "pretending" to have lots of weirdo CIA sex which is actually just them doing it.


Roya Hammad, how you do confound. First walking this way, and then another. But to where, and for what? Perhaps we will never know. Up to no good, we surmise.

Virgil: "I am watching her do nothing from a respectful distance."
Max: "I am standing around being useless and amazing to look upon. Such is my destiny."
Carrie: "I am having fits. Just fits, I tell you."

Roya stops and looks at a puppy, then pretends to check her phone. What's that over there? A super loud fountain? Perhaps she should investigate.

Carrie: "She's an internationally acclaimed journalist who is going on TV in about five minutes! Bitch, just go do whatever you're going to do so I can have a sandwich and apply my Latisse! You know, I'm starting to see why you guys find me so maddening."
Saul: "Really?"
Carrie: "No, not really."

Then comes a man. What sort of a man? Nobody knows. He has no name, nor has he provenance. He may well have sprung into being right here, next to this very loud fountain. With a face that no machine has ever seen.

Carrie: "Max and Virgil, get closer to them. I want to hear what they're saying."
Virgil: "It sounds remarkably like [the sound of rushing water]."
Max: "It sounds remarkably like [if you put my head close to your ear]. Am I being helpful?"
Quinn: "Why do you keep these men as pets? They have no function."

Galvez: "I have been here this whole time, on Team Quinn. If you didn't know my name already, spoiler alert but don't bother."
Carrie: "Have the machines ever seen his face?"
Galvez: "They have not. His sunglasses beguile the machines."
Carrie: "If only I were slightly closer to this op! I could run in there like a lunatic and ruin everything but also solve this problem. David Estes would make his one face he makes."

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