A Gettysburg Address

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Whatever Comes After, Something That Was

Brody: "No, you're thinking of vampires. Will they find anything?"
Roya: "It's possible. The guy was a sleeper agent who made suicide bombs for a living. But for the purposes of this episode's final shot, I'm going to say it in a way that clearly is meant to set up the Big Box of Something the bad guys are going to find."


Finn: "Dana, why are you avoiding me?"
Dana: "Because you're a sociopath?"
Finn: "Allow me to demonstrate just how right you are, by whining about how my dad will be like, so mad at me. Just for killing some stupid lady."
Dana: "Yeah, well, I went to the hospital and made it perfectly clear that I was involved, so suck on that."
Finn: "Uh, here are some death threats for you. Am I being dramatic, or do I mean it? Am I merely immature about consequences and might come to care about this lady's death when it becomes real to me? Am I so entitled and gross and self-centered that I honestly don't? Does my abusive father abuse me so much that I have reason to be actually this afraid? There are so many ways I could go, and you won't know which one until I snap."
Dana: "Right back atcha, baby."


Quinn: "Carrie, I'm sorry I was so snippy earlier."
Carrie: "No prob. Listen, Roya knows you're there, so..."
Quinn: "That's kind of scary. But you know what's really scary? The lack of luck we're having up in here!"
Carrie: "No, what's really scary is that Roya knows you're there, which means everybody knows you're there, which means you are about to get your ass blown to hell."
Quinn: "You should see all these receipts!"
Carrie: "I'm thinking more like a nuke in a hideyhole or something, based on the way she said it. It was with an incredibly portentous tone."
Quinn: "Oh, so this is another Carrie Hunch?"
Carrie: "I said she used a portentous tone, Quinn. God."
Quinn: "Yeah, well I'll be sure to look out for that. I'm so fucking sure there would be a bomb here, in the place a sleeper agent used for making bombs."

Quinn: "Don't tell Carrie this but I trust her implicitly, especially her intuition. Girl says we're about to be invaded and there's a nuke lying around, by God I'm gonna..."
Galvez: "I'll call for backup. I hope they get here in time."

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