A Gettysburg Address

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Whatever Comes After, Something That Was

Mike: "I'm worried about you -- even the kids, is how much I love you -- and I'm worried about Brody. Slash hoping he goes nuts and/or is incarcerated, and we can finally be together."
Jessica: "Me too. The only drawback to being with you is that Nick Brody would be free to be with Carrie Mathison in turn, which might just fucking kill me. No amount of happiness is worth that."
Mike: "So we're agreed. Brody was the second part of Tom Walker's plan, and then killed Tom himself. And so he is crazy and getting crazier."
Jessica: "Ah, but also he is working for the CIA. Don't tell anybody, okay?"
Mike: "Uh, that does not pass the bullshit test on any level."
Jessica: "I feel like you telling the truth is threatening to my marriage! Please leave."


Betsy: "Strange intense lady, why are you storming my boss's office?"
Carrie: "I am a constituent with some urgent business."
Brody: "Both technically true. You're learning to talk the Nick Brody way. Betsy, you can go home. This is the lady I'm having a fake affair with. You're probably going to be dealing with even more bullshit, like twice as much, from here on out. FYI."

Carrie: "So did you know?"
Brody: "Huh?"
Carrie: "Did you know!? I got seven casualties in Gettysburg..."
Brody: "Use your words, Mathison. What's going on?"
Carrie: "Answer the question! Have you been lying to me? When you talked to Roya..."
Brody: "Your idea, mind..."
Carrie: "-- You clearly told her something, or flagged a warning signal, or..."
Brody: "No, girl. I didn't do anything."

He touches her, because she is losing her shit, and their positions reverse. Their polarity. He pulls her into her arms, shushing her and promising he didn't lie to her, that he doesn't know anything about Gettysburg or what just went down or what happened to Peter Quinn or who the Man is and why he took the Box, or anything. Just holds her while she cries, because now we are: In a room with no floor. The whole time it was certainties, conflicting tessellate certainties to be sure, but at least it was real: He was a terrorist or he was not. She loved him or she did not. There were no in-between states.

But the downside to jumping is having jumped, and now that there are only certainties, they could rip you apart. Just in their polarity. It's not that she doesn't know whether to trust him, it's that she does and does not by turns. Peel off enough layers and the thing's gonna bleed. What if you hit rock bottom, the only place you can stand, and then the second you breathed, it fell out from underneath you? What if you knew you would be spending the rest of your life that way?

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