A Gettysburg Address

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Whatever Comes After, Something That Was

Quinn: "I see how you work now. Fuck you for making this harder. What I asked was anything."
Brody: "Why don't you just tell me what you don't know I know, and I will say yes or no."
Quinn: "Fine. Where is the Tailor? He's missing."
Brody: "Oh, my bad! I fully murdered that dude."

Quinn: "You what?"
Brody: "I was chasing him through the woods and he fell on some rebar or something. My wife was being a real bitch. You know that one day where it was super rainy?"
Quinn: "I have had six men round the clock watching the Tailor in Gettysburg this whole time, and you just forgot to tell us he's dead?"
Brody: "I said my bad, bro. In case you haven't noticed I have a lot on my plate right now. I can't be alerting you to the whereabouts of every Tom, Dick and Bassel."
Quinn: "It just slipped your mind. That's fucking great, really."
Brody: "How was I to know you were watching that place? You don't tell me anything..."
Quinn: "First of all, no we don't. But second of all, get outta here with that. I don't need to expressly explain to you that we have an interest in the sleeper agent who made your suicide vest. You don't need to be a mind reader to get there. Now hold your other hand real still."
Carrie: "Quinn, a word?"


Quinn: "Your boyfriend is crazy and a liar."
Carrie: "Maybe it's my fault for not asking about the Tailor specifically."
Quinn: "Yeah, because you are gay for each other."
Carrie: "I have no idea what you are talking about."

Quinn, verbatim: "In the interrogation room, you said you wanted him to leave his wife and run away with you?"
Carrie, verbatim: "And you put a knife through his hand. The difference being, what I did worked. So don't worry about my objectivity, worry about your own."

Always one to point out a silver lining -- well, half the time! -- Carrie reminds him that they can now drop the surveillance team and search his place in Gettysburg, since if the person is dead you don't have to be invited in. Wait, no. That's vampires. I guess it's just because he won't come back and find them going through his shit and get all offended. Like how they do.

But what if the new mystery man is the new Tailor? He looks fit, unlikely to barf or run away into the forest at the drop of a hat or die just from a little abdomen-stabbing and neck-snapping. A stronger Tailor that we don't know about, or where he is. Let's have Brody just casually ask her like it's no big deal, they say, nodding to themselves, but I don't know. That sounds pretty awkward. "So about that toy of yours I was supposed to take extra good care of but killed and buried in a shallow grave instead..."

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