A Gettysburg Address

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Whatever Comes After, Something That Was

Daughter: "But then she threw a clot in her brain, so I'm fucked."
Dana: "I am looking for my dad, he's a cardiologist."
Daughter: "Nice."
Dana: "I guess so. I don't know him super well. Anyway, sorry about your mom."

Dana stumbles off, acting exactly like a person who ran over your mom and then came to the hospital to stumble around guiltily. Call it grief or call it shock, but if this chick can't even put this simple shit together maybe she doesn't deserve a mom.

Dear Dana storyline: Unless the plan is to have Dana eaten by a catamount, which would be sad but ultimately redemptive, please get your shit together and be as good as the rest of the show. Kim Bauer's Cougar was the Felicity Porter's Haircut of its day. You know what I am saying.


Saul: "Here to harass you like your dad. Or alternately, here to harass you, like your dad. Either way, it's late and you're susceptible to crazy."
Carrie: "I gotta ask Brody to approach Roya tomorrow and it's making me antsy."
Saul: "No doubt. And what's this about Quinn, you had a little fight?"
Carrie: "I hate that guy!"
Saul: "Really?"
Carrie: "No, not really. Well, kind of. Is that why you're here?"
Saul: "I am checking up on you overall, not merely because Quinn is obviously right."

Carrie: "He said not to trust Brody, Saul! Can you believe that shit?"
Saul: "I can."
Carrie: "I mean, I invented not trusting Nick Brody. Give me a break!"
Saul: "Yeah, well. Things change."
Carrie: "You don't know what it's like, having everyone assume you're at your worst all the time. Like I can't see straight."
Saul: "First of all, nobody thinks that. And second of all, being your handler means having that day every single day, so don't cry to me. And third of all, it's entirely worrisome having you in such close proximity to Nick Brody all the time. You have to agree on that."

Carrie, lying: "It's not like before, Saul. I saw his suicide tape. My eyes are open. How could they not be?"
Saul, lying: "That's all I wanted to hear."

It's not like before, it's worse than before. Before, her obsession was tinged with horror and fascination that bloomed into a dark and scary love which was redeemed by the Weekend, when he showed her what being a person was like for them both. This time, there is no horror and no fascination, exactly, because whatever else they are, these two are family now. It's the difference between staring somebody in the eye to standing beside them, or back-to-back. You hold hands and jump together, there's a part of you that will never stop falling.

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