A Gettysburg Address

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Whatever Comes After, Something That Was


Quinn is so very official when he's leading a team! In this case, the evidence team and their security, as they case the joint for contacts and materiel providers and whatever is weird and whatever is a detail that matters and also maybe secret compartments and things of this nature.

Quinn: "You two guys who are soon to be vaporized, post up by the door. Gettysburg is a friendly small town with a rich heritage, the kind of place where neighbors get curious if you go missing for a week and suddenly the military is going through your shit."
Guys: "We will say we are conducting a sales tax audit. But what if there are guys dressed just like us that come in here and murder everybody before we even notice the difference?"
Quinn: "It would be good for me to warn you about that, given that the bad guys are playing with Nazir money and also that they knew this place was for suicide bombs even before we did, and also they dug up this guy and re-buried him, so probably they have known this whole time that we were watching. Good point. But I won't."

It is maybe a metaphor. It for sure makes me worry about Quinn. He just has the best little scrunched-up face. The kind of face where even if you didn't know his name was Rupert Friend, probably you could guess that pretty easy.

"You just look like a Rupert," you'd say. "And I'd be happy to call you Friend."


Carrie appears out of nowhere in Brody's car in the parking garage! It's slightly freaky.

Carrie: "Hey, what's up?"
Brody: "What the fuck are you doing at my work? In my car, at work?"
Carrie: "You remember that time we arrested you for being a..."
Brody: "I told you I don't know who that man is."
Carrie: "I believe you! But I think that him showing up, with his mystery face, means whatever Nazir was planning is happening now, and that guy is part of it."
Brody: "Probably. Seems like he's always up to something, and this is the midpoint of the season, so..."
Carrie: "Roya has an interview with Congressman Mackie at noon today in this very building. Maybe I will just spend the day crawling around the air ducts and Jeffries tubes and appearing in random cars."

Brody: "I can't just walk up to her and be like..."
Carrie: "I know, I thought of something kinda awesome. She thinks we're..."

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