A Gettysburg Address

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Whatever Comes After, Something That Was

Brody: "Fucking?"
Carrie: "Making love. So anyway you say I was on the phone with my married Congressman boyfriend, and I got a call about a Hezbollah operative who maybe just entered the country. I was wearing black panties that I got on sale, and eating half a churro because I was hungry because of all the doing it. Then we settled into bed and watched Hulu and..."
Brody: "-- Is that what he is?"
Carrie: "IF WE FUCKIN' KNEW WHAT HE... Sorry. That is just a guess, you're right. This is how spying works, you put out a feeler and see what comes back."

Brody: "Seems like pretty delicate work for a guy who just got stabbed and deprogrammed -- or was I -- a hot minute ago."
Carrie: "Just don't push too hard. Like how right now I am comfortingly massaging your neck, that's me totally working you. See? Like that."
Brody: "Argh, you got me!"
Carrie: "Or did I?"
Brody: "Or did you? This is fun, I could do this all day."
Carrie: "Wait 'til we get to the part where we pretend to have sex by actually having sex."
Brody: "That is essentially what is happening right now. Just kidding, now I am pissed off for no reason."
Carrie: "Fine, get the fuck out of this car. And you better have that phone I gave you. And you better not be texting any hoes on it. Because I will be checking."


Saul: "You must be Mike Faber? I understand you had questions about Tom Walker's death, a year ago."
Mike: "Yikes. Um, yeah. I have a friend here, a Glenn Peterson?"
Saul: "Glenn passed your request for information onto me. This is how it works. Now, follow me to a regular old office in this regular old building, and sit in a regular chair for me."
Mike: "Is it a chair where I will die?"
Saul: "Maybe. David Estes will stare at you until you wish you do."

Estes: "Do you remember? We've met."
Mike: "Yeah, when Brody came back to life and you made me turn him into public relations machinery."
Estes: "I think you'll recall it more as a discussion between two colleagues and future friends, regarding a beloved mutual acquaintance and what might be best for him and for his family and his country and the universe."
Mike: "I am going to die here."
Estes: "Now, I hear that you've been making inquiries into Thomas Walker's death. Curious little kittycat, aren't you? Aren't you, Mike Faber?"

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