Beirut Is Back

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The Carrie That Did This
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Against absolutely everybody's better judgment, Carrie was sent to Beirut to make contact with an old asset -- the wife of a Hezbollah commander with a time-sensitive story to tell. Back in play and feelin' fine, Carrie ran off in the middle of her first contact with handler Saul, and her whereabouts are currently unknown.

Meanwhile back in the States, Israel's destruction of (a variable number of) Iranian nuclear sites has everybody in a little bit of a panic. Congressman Nick Brody was vetted to be VP Walden's running mate in the next election, their families are becoming inseparable, and a reporter named Roya Hammad is now Brody's main link to Abu Nazir.


Fatima's just praying like normal when some random white girl gets up in her face!

Fatima: "Oh, it's just you. Hey, Carrie. What are you doing at my mosque?"
Carrie: "If you've learned one thing about being my friend, it's that you never can tell what I'll get up to."
Fatima: "Okay but like..."

They head to some roof somewhere so everybody can see them chatting about treason and assassinations.

Carrie: "Saul got made yesterday, so I've completely disregarded protocol and lost myself in the majesty that is Beirut until such time as your Friday prayers could get up and crackalackin'. Pretty savvy, huh?"
Fatima: "You're a brunette now?"
Carrie: "For like five minutes. And also I am wearing colored contacts."
Fatima: "You really went through a lot to talk to me, huh? Makes a girl feel special. Also, though, I feel as if I'm going to get murdered in this episode. You're not even in the CIA, right?"
Carrie: "In some versions of reality, no. But either way, they flew me 6,000 miles to see you. What are you peddling?"
Fatima: "Remember how you offered a reward and my extraction for Abu Nazir? Well, get my five million ready and a plan to Detroit, because Nazir is coming to Beirut tomorrow, to meet with my husband. And if you could kill his ass while you're at it, that would be great!"


Walden: "So yeah, it's true that only four of the five sites really got that blown up. The other one is just too well-protected. But did you know that the creeps throwing this party just happen to have a 'penetrating bunker-buster'? And that silly old President is blocking the export license. Just because giving Israel even more toys to play with would make us look even worse to the entire rest of the human race than we already do. What a pussy!"

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