Beirut Is Back

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The Carrie That Did This

Nick: "Who are you talking to on that chat machine?"
Dana: "It is called a laptop, and his name is Finn."
Nick: "Finn Walden? The 'moron'?"
Dana: "People can surprise you! Sometimes a seeming moron is just an ill-adjusted freakshow. Sometimes what you think is an average dead dad is really a Muslim extremist who comes back from the dead and ruins everybody's life."


Joy: "Well, I guess goodbye. This tends to be my role on TV shows. It was nice filming my three scenes with you."
Carrie: "You too! I hope you get to headline another series sometime soon. Maybe without any accents or anything."
Joy: "Also, thanks for risking your neck and sanity to almost kill Abu Nazir. That was almost something awesome you did."
Carrie: "Well, thanks. I'm going to go feel incredibly uncomfortable in my skin now."

She does. The saddest part is when she twists her watch back to Eastern Standard Time, and just sighs heavily. Like she's breathing out the entire idea and calling herself stupid for thinking her little vacation meant anything more. Letting the crazy go, breathing the routine in. A couple of days, it'll be her turn again to make dinner for the family. She can sit here until then.


Peachy Safehouse Guy #1 pores over the random shit Carrie grabbed at Abbas's house, coming up with nothing. Saul tells him to box it up for Langley, but he thinks it's probably mostly Fatima's junk and hasn't any high hopes. Then, the third person to touch the rucksack, Saul, right before boxing it up forever, feels something hard and weird sewn into the lining. Isn't that something. What could it be?

"My name is Nicholas Brody, and I'm a sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. I have a wife and two kids, who I love... By the time you've watched this, you'll have read a lot of things about me. About what I've done. That's why I wanted to explain myself. So that you'll know the truth."

Saul stares. The twist in his heart for Carrie untwists, sharply. This man was so good at hiding that he broke her, turned down into up and white into black, and she's not wrong. She never was. You could go crazy thinking about that. Or you could do the opposite.


Manic Mathison finds some new awful way to embarrass herself in front of Estes, presumably; Saul decides what to do with this most explosive piece of evidence so far; Nick maybe kills a dude while presumably untangling this latest thing somehow; Finn's creepy teen agenda is probably not yet revealed; Jessica hooks back up with Mike.

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