Beirut Is Back

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The Carrie That Did This

Brody: "I can tell you from experience that very little, short of joining Al-Qaeda, would make an angry Muslim rethink his position on skinny ginger Americans. That's anecdotal but I think you see my point."
Walden: "He's just leaving Nuclear Iran lying around for me to deal with, when I become President!"
Brody: "Ah. Now that you put it that way, I see how this is all about you."
Walden: "Maybe you could join me at the Pentagon and help me convince the Secretary of Defense about this? He's a Marine, and you're like the Jesus of Marines, so..."
Brody: "Nothing would please me more than to help Americans put giant bombs in the hands of Israel. You can count on me, sir. (To blow you up at some point.)"

Mrs. Walden: "Jessica, we're both social climbers, yes?"
Jessica: "Indubitably. Are you about to ask me for a favor? Awesome! I've been wanting to get into the DC favor-trading game since my husband randomly came back to life."
Mrs. Walden: "Would you like to help me host a fundraiser for veterans with no arms?"
Jessica: "Got anything with like, pets? That's kinda intense for my first time out."
Mrs. Walden: "Your protestations don't register with me, but I'll tell you what. You do exactly what I say, when I say to do it, and we won't have a fuckin' problem. Got it?"
Jessica: "Oh my God this is so fun!"

Nick arrives, sickened by the military-industrial complex he hopes to destroy from within, and pries his wife off Cynthia Walden's jock one desperate fingerhold at a time.

Mrs. Walden: "Tomorrow, you will pick up your daughter Dana from the school I got her into, and you will report directly to my house. You will enjoy a weak happy hour cocktail in my back garden, and you will speak when spoken to. Am I clear?"
Jessica: "Aww, my daughter? But she is a total fucking buzzki..."
Mrs. Walden: "-- Am I clear, soldier?"

Nick steers his wife toward the car, mistakenly thinking the stars in her eyes are from the champagne. No, you fool! She has been seduced! Seduced by the very military-industrial complex her husband seeks to destroy from within!

Jessica: "Cynthia wants me to work with this group that helps veterans and work on a fundraiser with her and you know what Cynthia says..."
Nick: "-- You really want to help veterans? Take out every motherfucker at this party."

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