Beirut Is Back

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The Carrie That Did This

"The way I am now, I wouldn't trust me either. But the Carrie who recruited her? That one I believe."

Well, that's all you had to say. We all loved that Carrie, you most of all. Saul makes the call. The operation's a go.


Tossing off Betsy's administrative questions, since his Pentagon dilemma's off the books, Nick runs around looking for his keys. She finds them, in plain sight, on his desk. And what about his five o'clock meeting? Brody tells her to reschedule, but he's right outside the door: His former best friend and his wife's former lover, Mike. Trying desperately to be off-hand, funny, charming. So Brody invites him along for the ride.

Mike: "So, Congressman..."
Nick: "Don't even."
Mike: "Fine, Future Vice President..."
Nick: "Oh my God."
Mike: "Heh, sorry. Here's the deal. The subcommittee report on Tom Walker's death came out a couple of weeks ago. I'm assuming you haven't read it, for obvious reasons. But it says he was a lone sniper..."
Nick: "Good! Er, I mean, okay."

Mike: "...Which doesn't make sense. He was the best shot in our platoon, he wouldn't have missed the VP."
Nick: "Except he did."
Mike: "Three times? Only to land a by-the-book kill shot on Elizabeth Gaines? Who is, from what I can tell, just some lady? There's something more going on than just Walker and his rifle."
Nick: "It was probably the Freemasons. The Illuminati?"
Mike: "Yeah, it's not just me. The whole platoon is whispering about this."
Nick: "Those same PTSD drunkards that started a riot at my homecoming party?"
Mike: "Okay, whatever. I'd think at the least you'd want to know more about Tom's actual death, and that is not in there. Can you use your clearance to see the classified stuff that's not in the report?"
Nick: "Okay, sure. Yes. And by yes, I mean no fucking way."


Mission profile is, they are planning on capturing Nazir and Abbas, unless things get weird and then they can kill them. Saul and Carrie stay at the safehouse until the operation is underway, then they have 15 minutes to grab Fatima and get to a helipad on the beach. Estes and Andrew Wiley look at all the video feeds, satellite pictures, the sniper team and forward team, all the stuff that's pretty to look at in one of these classic setpieces the show does so mesmerizingly. Two minutes to go.

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