Beirut Is Back

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The Carrie That Did This

Saul: "No, this is Hezbollah turf and we've got like four people on the ground at this point. What matters is that your source came through. You were right. That is a 100 percent victory on your mission, and now we extract you and Fatima immediately."

Carrie's not going out like that, like some kind of chump. No sir. She gets Fatima's keys as they're loading her in, and runs up to toss Abbas's apartment now that he's dead. Grabbing a small rucksack -- at random -- she snatches random papers and documents and shoves them in there, to salvage something from this half-disaster. Downstairs, the Hezbollah thugs start rocking the escape van back and forth, giving Saul and Fatima both some serious wiggins. Once they smash the windshield, Saul can't wait any longer, and they take off.

Upstairs, stranded in Hezbollah territory, Carrie immediately gets shot at by a bunch of dudes. She runs up to the roof, thugs in pursuit shooting at her, and after a lot of running around Abbas's apartment complex, takes out a dude with a brick. Coming out in the Melrose Place area of the complex, a guy with a gun grabs her -- it's the other safehouse guy, who has been by the way a peach this entire episode. They come around a corner just as the van is driving up -- very exciting -- and everybody jumps in. Awesome! Awesome. Carrie succumbs to the freakouts, a little bit, but to be fair I wasn't there getting shot at, and still almost started crying my own self, so have at it.


Roya: "Hey, Nazir says thanks for the text message."
Nick: "How'd they know about the meeting?"
Roya: "An informant. We think it was Abbas's second wife -- really it was his first wife, but we don't know that, so I guess Fatima's safe -- but the real takeaway is that today's about to be a real shitty day for his second wife."
Nick: "You're a reporter. How can you have missed that I am a United States Congressman? Did you know I sent that secret message while surrounded literally by the fucking Joint Chiefs?"
Roya: "Yeah, you're a real champ. Like I said, nice work. But listen, we just lost two huge players in Beirut, so I'd be expecting a little more action in the near future."
Nick: "But I already did everything! I am going to keep saying that and never understand that it doesn't matter!"
Roya: "Whatever. As long as you keep doing whatever terrifying terrorist shit we tell you to do."

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