Broken Hearts

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Almost unqualified success! Except that, for some reason, all these dummies thought Abu Nazir would actually be at their big crackdown -- maybe because his dumb ass is wandering the Maryland countryside when he should be on the other side of Earth -- which is bad for Carrie (and about to get badder) but good for Nick Brody, since it turns out Peter Quinn is even more amazing than previous scientific standards could measure and, in fact, is on this show to put a bullet in Brody once we catch Nazir. Why? Because David Estes and VP Walden are to blame for the drone strike that killed Issa and a bunch of other little kids and only Brody and Nazir know that. (Also, because Nick Brody is a crazy person and a member of Al-Qaeda and his body is a registered weapon and he demonstrates weekly that he cannot be trusted in any way.)

In other news, apparently people still use Blackberries and apparently they don't Skype and apparently this plus the perfect reception that all cellphones on all television shows always get except when it serves the plot has tipped certain viewers off to the fact that this show is not actually a documentary about the American intelligence community.

But I'll tell you this: There is no louder fan of a show than one who is two years late and just caught up with it on DVD. Whether they're horrible Community/Firefly types yelling at you about "their" show long after it matters (and who refused to watch it when their enthusiasm might have made a difference) or horrible Mad Men types who can't wait to tell you that the show has jumped the shark this season (a.k.a. the first season they are actually watching), the volume is the same. And the intention is the same: To label themselves as a person who is in on it and thus has an interesting opinion about it.

They have to talk louder, because they know in their hearts that their opinions carry less weight, because they didn't pick up on the buzz before the rest of America did or the Emmys or whatever the hell it was that finally convinced them that maybe whatever show we're talking about was worth trying out. And then, lo and behold, America actually got something right. So now it's a waiting game before you get to be the first person to call bullshit, because that proves you're ahead of the curve. And apparently this episode provided that -- the glorious Emperor's New Clothes moment -- for just about the whole middle third of the bell curve this week.

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