Broken Hearts

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I don't know. I don't know what all they get up to these days. You can't have a childhood filled with Chris Claremont comics and not, somewhere in your mind, believe that possibly this is a thing that happens to people, this post-hypnotic mind control thing, where somebody shows you a Queen of Diamonds or plays Frankie Goes To Hollywood and suddenly you're murdering the Prime Minister of Malaysia at a fashion show.

Either way, Carries leaves and Nick gives Nazir the code thing. And either way, Carrie hears him give Nazir the code thing. So, what's going through her head? Happy to be alive for a second, maybe. But also wondering what the fuck is going on with her boyfriend that he just totally committed murder, maybe a bunch of different capital offenses -- just now I had to stop myself in the middle of googling "is it treason to murder the vice president" in various configurations, because I don't want to go to Guantanamo Bay just for googling things or I could tell you for sure -- and the fact that she's implicated. Right? Like, just the fact that he gave this number, presuming it's the real one -- and nobody making the fucked up faces he's making could also be lying at the same time -- means she has to put his narrow ginger ass fully in jail. Right? Something to think about as she's tearing off down the road.

Anyway, that's when Walden walks in. Looking like a jerkwater assclown, as per.

Walden: "Oh hey buddy, what's up buddy, ner ner ner. This'll be yours one day, huh huh huh."
Brody: "How'd it go with Ambassador Elon?"
Walden: "Another week or so, my defense contract cronies will give him the bunker buster that Israel needs to take out Iran's last nuclear enrichment plant, at Natanz."
Brody: "And here I thought that went the way of my wife's military family endowment or whatever."
Walden: "It was not a thing, but now it's a thing again. Unbeknownst to me, the perfect thing to make you feel pretty okay about what's about to happen."

Walden: "And just to make things worse, I want to remind you about my friendship with David Estes by mentioning how you helped him take down Nazir's network in that parking lot (this very morning just a couple hours ago, when that happened, if you can believe it). How'd you keep your spycraft so secret?"
Brody, projectile vomiting while tap dancing: "It's my cool head under pressure, sir."
Walden: "Man, you are one heavily exploitable show pony. Marine Fights Terrorists At Home As Well As Abroad. I am going to market the shit out of you for my own interests."

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