Broken Hearts

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Brody: "Actually, that's why I'm here. To break up with you. It's for my family or something."
Walden: "Fuck your family. This is actually important. Are you telling me the Vice Presidency isn't a big deal? Because I will put you over my knee, saying that shit to the current VP."

Nick seems a little disheartened, but no worries? Because this whole time, a hacker kid in some biotech place has been hacking into Walden's cyborg heart software and turned out the lights. No more paces will be made today.

Brody: "You doin' okay? You look a little about to die."
Walden: "I am fine! What was I saying? Oh yeah, fuck your family..."
Brody: "No, just you. Fuck only merely you. It's not about my family. My family is 100% dickheads and anonymous little boys. I am breaking up with you for me. Because you are gross, and I am so tired of hanging out with gross people for gross reasons. I want to feel clean again."
Walden: "Must... keep... stiff upper lip. Must not... let on... heart attacks... so emasculating, in an unforeseen way..."

"Also, you are awful. I hate your policies, I hate your politics, I hate your bitch wife, I hate your creepy murdering backwash-drinking son, I hate your friends except for that cowboy guy, I hate your clothes and I hate your White Guy Activities and I hate golf. And I hate that you have ever been in a position to shape the country that I loved so much I was willing to die for it. I hate that you have poisoned that for me. I hate that you took that away and that I'll never get it back. I hate you for making me a crazy broken tainted ugly animal who will never be clean again."

Walden: "But... my... medical needs!"
Brody: "No, sir. That's just a bad ticker you got there. You broke my heart."
Walden: "Medical... Attention... What is even happening right now..."
Brody: "Right now? I'm killing you, bro. I am looking you in the eye while I fucking kill you."

I can't... the best thing about this show, most shows, the thing critical theory has been excited about since like The Sopranos, is the idea that you don't have to love the leads anymore. That we've moved beyond -- shippers aside -- that need to identify, we've matured past that in our television and can now watch TV about people who are either complex and gray or just straight-up awful.

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