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And for Guy Shows especially I find that difficult, like, I don't watch shows about meth or biker gangs or cops, because A) I wouldn't want those people in my house so why would I invite them in through the TV screen and B) I don't actually believe people are shitty, so it's not that fun to watch imaginary people be shitty, because what are you learning? An untrue thing that feels like a true thing and also feels terrible. But I feel like I'm worth more than that, like, if I'm going to take the time to have the experience, it should not be one that makes me feel less human or that other people are less human. I don't talk about this a whole lot, but I'll watch those Syfy dramas all damn day rather than whatever -- Haven and Being Human and Alphas and Warehouse 13, those ones -- because they ring truer than these kinds of shows to me, as I have experienced life so far. They do things that are not realistic, but what they say is much closer to the truth, to me.

Mostly when I think about this subject at all, it's to be weirded out that, say, Nancy Botwin still has to be likeable, because I do think it's because she is a woman, and that's fucked up to me. Same way we write off Carrie for being crazy, like that's a story we've already heard and talk about how complex Brody is instead, instead of looking at the scarier fact that Carrie is the same exact archetype as he is: A savior of the world, who got broken and burnt in the process. The woman responsible for 9/11, who spends every second on the edge of going crazy with the thought that she won't make up for her crimes before she loses herself, and the man who loves America so much he has to destroy it.

Having said all that, I do feel generally warm toward Nick Brody. He's a trooper, he's got a lot on his plate. He's trying really hard. You know? I can dig that. Who among us has not accidentally joined a cult or terrorist organization at some point, I'm not gonna judge. But man, times like this? I love the terrorist in him. The Caprica Six in there, that shines every now and then. The part (of Nick, but also of the whole situation) that Abu Nazir is entirely right about. The burning part that says justice is a holy thing and that he can burn up to a crisp if he wants to -- if he feels like it, God can just come walking into the room and take over his body.

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