Broken Hearts

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Dar Adal: "Who's asking, just you?"
Saul: "Always."
Dar Adal: "Yeah, he's one of mine."
Saul: "But how come? Why make a killer of men the leader of a quote 'straight-up intelligence operation?'"
Dar Adal: "He didn't say. He just said Dar Adal, send me the cutest most scrunchy-faced, awesomest person you've got, who is good at leading teams and also at killing men. Wearing multiple hats, as it were. It is for a secret reason. So I did. But maybe, just to fuck with you because I am a very bad man, maybe it was because he doesn't trust you."

Saul: "Not trust me? All I do is let Carrie Mathison constantly fuck everything up for everyone in the entire universe -- why wouldn't he trust me?"
Dar Adal: "This is the answer but I don't know if you'll understand it because it is in code, but understand that I am not really changing the subject when I say, You've always been afraid to get your hands dirty."
Saul: "You were right, I completely missed the clue of what you just said, you old so-and-so!"
Dar Adal: "How do you survive, Saul? I... Really, it's amazing."
Saul: "I, too, am amazed by my continued survival. Later, douche."


Jessica: "I guess we should wonder where Brody is, since the whole thing ended hours ago."
Mike: "I guess so too, but mostly I want to giggle about how we fucked!"
Jessica: "That is my main thing too."

Brody enters, infecting the room with scowls.

Brody: "Hey, guys. Hey, Mike. Thanks for 'helping out.'"
Mike: "No problem?"
Brody: "No, I 'mean' it. I really 'appreciate' your help with 'my' family."

Chris: "Dad! Daddy! Are you a spy now?"
Brody: "No, just a Congressman still."
Chris: "Aw, nuts."

Dana: "I guess hi or whatever."
Brody: "Always a pleasure."

Jessica: "So do we get to go home now, or...?"
Brody: "Not quite yet. 'Good thing' Mike was here to 'help,' though, huh?"
Jessica, amazingly: "Yeah. He helped all right. Helped me out nice and good, motherfucker."
Brody: "So there's that."
Jessica: "Yep. Me and Mike, you and Carrie. Three assholes and a Marine."

Brody: "Right, so Dana probably told you about Carrie and me working together. And you probably remember that I lied to your face about that. And also you can now blame Carrie for me cockblocking Dana from going to the cops about the thing, which you'll probably enjoy holding against me. And then of course Mike was here all night, so..."

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