Broken Hearts

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Jessica: "That is the long and the short of it, my friend."
Jessica: "...Yep. Saw that comin'. Go ahead, answer it. I am feeling pretty copacetic about shit this morning. Frankly if you're willing to look the other way while I continue fucking my real boyfriend, you can do whatever weird PTSD sex shit with Carrie you want. It was more the iniquity of the situation than anything else."


Carrie: "Hey!"
Nick: "Hey!"
Carrie: "So listen, the Attorney General is totally down to honor our agreement with you, but -- as you know -- there's some housekeeping..."
Nick: "Right. Quit Congress and also pass on the VP spot. Which is going to cause, like, a furor, so... I guess I just tell the press it's about focusing on my family or something?"
Carrie: "Fuck that! Uh, I mean, sure. How is your wonderful family? Did my creepy Mike Faber trick work?"
Nick: "Yeah, but no. I mean, I don't know."
Carrie: "Well, you can all go home soon. Or they can, and you and I can run away together forever and ever now that you've practically ended this entire TV series with your helpful Roya Hammad information. Assuming something doesn't happen in the next like five minutes, I mean."
Nick: "It will be interesting to see if we're still dating once I get off the hook for treason. It will also be interesting to see if I am still in Al-Qaeda."

Carrie turns on the radio, flips the channels and starts having one of her Jazz Freakouts. But before she can even get started, Abu Nazir drives into the side of her car and abducts her.

And I guess if you were under the impression that this show is about Nick Brody, then that's pretty fucked up: How can Carrie Mathison become a damsel in distress, even for one episode? That's so misogynist!

Except this isn't really a story about Nick Brody, it's a story about Carrie Mathison.

It's like... okay, boys against this wall and girls against this wall. If you're standing on the Boys' side of the gym, look across and you're watching a woman get abused and you're watching a man overcome obstacles to save her. And the funny thing about this week's episode is that, even if you're a woman, for certain structural reasons you might find yourself standing against the Boys' wall. So if we could all cross the gym for a minute and stand where Carrie's standing, what do we see?

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