Broken Hearts

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The protagonist of the show, abducted by her greatest enemy. Claustrophobic, tied up: Every spy's worst nightmare. Abject, at the hands of a man she hates so much -- as a figurehead, sure, but also as a murderer and a terrorist himself -- that it drove her mad. The only person she is more obsessed with than Nick Brody, with nobody to help her and no way to survive and nowhere to turn and time ticking away on her meds, back in the car. Her personal worst nightmare, coming true. And the only person she can trust, she doesn't actually trust. And the only way he can think to save her is to damn them both to treason. Very heroic.

The only person with any kind of gendered agenda at all in what's about to happen is Nazir, because he doesn't understand that he has captured his greatest enemy since she's just a woman -- he's not holding Carrie hostage, he's holding Nick hostage; Carrie's just the bait -- and, of course, the viewer who thinks that this is a story about Nick Brody, fighting for the woman he loves.

But he isn't and she isn't. And he doesn't, not really. And we're not standing on his side of the gym, because this is not a story about him. It's a very good show in that he's a real person -- just like his wife, just like his daughter -- but in this case, it's not about him.

The fact that Carrie's onscreen for about five total minutes, I acknowledge, makes this an easier trap to fall into than usual and I think that is where a lot of the backlash is coming from: not that she's the damsel, but that she's only onscreen in this way for the entire episode. But I don't feel like watching an hour of Carrie tied to a pipe, leaking blood and snot. So I'm willing to just use my imagination to fill in those blanks, without leaving her side. Because she makes that shit count first of all, and because it is a very shitty feminism that says nothing bad can ever happen to a woman in a story. It is a very dangerous thing to demand that, from the world.


Estes gives everybody a second to applaud themselves for taking down Roya's cell before returning to the fact that Nazir is still around. Peter Quinn is, as ever, in a state of virile wariness.

Virgil: "So he's one of Dar Adal's? That's creepy."
Saul: "I know, I need to talk to David about it."
Virgil: "That is going to go horribly."

Saul: "David! Hey, I talked to Dar Adal, a man that doesn't exist, and he told me that you requisitioned Quinn from him? I hate to be a bother and ask you a redundant question, but who the fuck is this guy and why is he in my thing?"

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