Broken Hearts

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Jacob Clifton: A+ | 9 USERS: A-

Estes: "None of your business, Berenson."
Saul: "Really? Because I think he's in place to kill Brody for knowing that you and Walden ordered a drone strike against a madrassa full of kids."
Estes: "What an implication!"
Saul: "I'm not implying anything. I am saying quite openly that you have done super shady shit to cover this up in the past and it fits with Peter Quinn's mandate and also the clues of Dar Adal."

Estes freaks the fuck out; like, he goes bouncing around the hall yelling cusses. Always a good plan when you want to show that you are not up to anything.

Quinn: "Am I interrupting? With my shirt buttoned only up to my clavicle, in what some might call a devil-may-care, bad-boy fashion?"
Saul & David: "Certainly not, Quinn. Certainly you are not interrupting. That color looks amazing on you. What can we do, what do you need right now?"
Quinn: "Um, Carrie just got randomly smashed into and nobody knows where she is."
Saul: "I'm on it!"

Estes: "Uh, Saul knows who you are and why you are here."
Quinn: "I suppose it was inevitable. I could only be super subtle about it for so long."
Estes: "I swear I could just hang out with you in this hallway forever. You make me feel so safe."


Chris and Brody play Hearts, because this episode is about hearts.

Major Joy: "You guys? Secret Service wants to bring Finn Walden over here."
Dana: "Yeah, he keeps calling me. He seems like a real damn mess, actually."
Nick: "Could we maybe try to put out like one fire today?"
Dana: "Yeah, fine. Whatever."
Jessica: "Hang on, I'm trying to decide whether to be pissy about this... no, go for it."

Nazir Facetimes Brody with some classic "tied-up Carrie" footage and Brody is like, "Let me just step outside so I can take this call." You know how it is when Nick Brody is trying to "be casual"? Like, with the serial killer smile and crazy eyes and shaking and sweating and general freakiness of him? So: That. Out to the hall, past the guards, into a random apartment.

Brody: "This is the first I'm hearing about Carrie's abduction by you, mister. Explain!"
Nazir: "Well it's pretty simple. You sold out Roya and got all my dudes killed. Including Fake Me. So now you are in big troubs, Little Nikita."

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