Broken Hearts

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Major Joy, quietly and to herself: "You are the twitchiest motherfucker in the galaxy. I'm gonna be so glad when I can get back to babysitting Carrie Mathison. She is so cool."


Dana, awesomely verbatim: "Turns out my dad is like a superspy, and terrorists want to kill him or some shit."
Finn: "That's so crazy. But back to being teenagers, how come you don't answer my texts?"
Dana: "I'm going to keep making this face I make until you tell me what you want."
Finn: "Every morning I wake up and for a few brief seconds..."
(Bleep-bloop. No thank you.)
Finn: "...Anyway, I kind of miss you because you're the only person my age who understands what it's like to have killed that lady."
Dana: "Did you know your dad would swoop into action and buy everybody off and cover everything up and all that?"
Finn: "Did I what? Dana I literally looked you in the eye and told you exactly that."
Dana: "Yeah, I remember. Man, the world is a vampire."
Finn: "Up on top of the Washington Monument was pretty nice, though."
Dana: "I liked you. We liked each other. We had feelings. But we ran over those feelings and just drove away and didn't tell anybody for a week. And now those feelings are dead. Dead just like that lady who we did those things to also."


The funny thing about this is how they're spies? Looking for Carrie Mathison, like, they don't even have to get special equipment. Everything is already set up. They actually have an entire office set up just to fix this problem. Everything's even already plugged in and turned on and booted up, the whole nine. I don't know, that just tickles me for some reason.

The only thing missing, in fact, from Team Quinn: Operation Where's Carrie Off To is their secret weapon, Carrie. Like how you need your glasses to find your glasses, but you don't have your glasses. You know?

Saul: "For the most wanted person on Earth, it sure was easy to find a picture of him buying Funyuns at this random convenience store five blocks from the place he snatched her."
Galvez: "I am on this show!"
Quinn: "Galvez, I have been very worried about you. My face scrunched up like whoa. Get back in bed or I will put you over my tiny back and carry you there myself. Put you back to bed with my cool hand on your forehead, and soft little sleepytime kisses."

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