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The Cold
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Carrie testified that she was briefly fired for her unauthorized surveillance of the Brody home, and then reinstated for an off-book taskforce to expose Abu Nazir's American network: As the Agency's point person on Nazir, she tracked his whereabouts and tried to anticipate his moves. In the end, she was outsmarted, and that was 12/12.

Meanwhile, Saul emoted in front of Dar Adal that he wished nothing more than to publicly support her, but agreed that Lockhart's anti-CIA agenda was the key to the ugliness.

Dar Adal: "He'll go right after her. What if she can't handle it?"
Saul: "She can."
Dar Adal: "What if she can't? Just saying, her history of insubordination and mental illness might be more useful to us than a good performance in front of the select committee..."

"I won't do that," Saul barked. "I won't throw Carrie under the bus."

Carrie testified that she was on track with Brody's loyalties all along -- true even when she didn't know it -- but the Committee produced the Attorney General's secret memo offering Nick "immunity," for being a double agent. She perjured herself for the first time then, saying she knew nothing about that deal, which meant the next question had to be, "At what point did the Agency know Brody was a bad guy?" Which is when Carrie's lawyer stepped in and said further testimony in this direction would compromise the ongoing manhunt for Brody... And Carrie spoke up to say Nick Brody didn't even do it.

Her lawyer wasn't thrilled about that, but agreed that the suicide vest thing from Season One -- the actual reason for Nick's 12/12 confession tape, for a bombing that never happened thanks to Dana -- is the main thing nobody can ever mention. Everything else is up for debate, including any number of scapegoats, to protect the Agency.

When Carrie called Saul, freaked out about the memo getting leaked, that was their first conversation we've seen since 12/12: He reassured her that he'd find the leak, and told her to stay strong. "Don't tell me to calm down," she spat. "I feel like I walked into a propeller." And he said, "Well, you got out alive." He asked if she was okay otherwise, and she snorted in his ear. Who knows what they really meant.

When he told Dar Adal about the leaked memo, it distracted him from downing Carrie more, and they talked about how Operation Tin Man was just the thing to take the heat off her and the hearings. Saul constructed for Dar Adal a narrative in which Dar was the suspect, taking down Carrie from the inside once again; Dar had the advantage of knowing this wasn't true, as did Saul.

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