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Quinn shot Carrie for totally valid reasons, while Saul was off retrieving her crazy boyfriend from his limbo of heroin and not having any other problems or a personality of any kind. Now, we have a week to put him back together into a Marine, and ship him off to Tehran under Majid Javadi's custody, so he can assassinate the head of the Revolutionary Guard and then -- dubiously -- get extracted again. Carrie supports the mission, Dana supports anything that gets Nick the hell out of her life, and the rest of the team honestly seems to think he might come back from this one. Meanwhile, Fara has family back in Iran that would not love the fact that she's working for the CIA, and she's been feeling weird ever since that honor killing the other day.


Quinn: "First of all, how is your shoulder that I shot you in?"
Carrie: "I have the unmitigated gall to be bitchy about that. I have got some nerve."
Quinn: "No surprises there. Hey listen, about your pregnancy you're ignoring..."
Carrie: "So what? You don't know my life. You don't know my life, so what? So what?"
Quinn: "So maybe you should stop pounding your chest at me, Jenny Jones? Or stop getting shot and doing drugs and having anonymous sex, and act like a pregnant person? Or even just start with acting like a person, of any stripe?"
Carrie: "First of all, we have no way of knowing I am pregnant. I will need at least sixty more pregnancy tests to be sure about that."

Quinn: "You don't have to be a part of this mission. This walking-Brody-across thing."
Carrie: "Why, because he's the father of this webfooted child growing inside me, with its extra toes and those gills on its extra toes? Guess what, maybe he isn't. Maybe I have no way of knowing which hot redheaded guy actually did the deed. I have slept with them all."
Quinn: "That's one coping strategy. But I mean like, listen, have you ever been objective about anything in your entire life?"
Carrie: "Besides my own well-being? Because I am a cold motherfucker when it comes to how I am treated."
Quinn: "Specifically about Nicholas Bro..."
Carrie: "-- Oh! No. No, I see what you mean. Absolutely not, are you kidding me?"


Meanwhile, those Special Forces dwarves are having a great time with their pet duckling Brody, who has been turned into basically a person under their watch. The Texan one who acted like he wanted to sleep with Carrie is named Aziz, AZ, or today Kilo-Alpha. The even hotter one with the sad eyes, Yousef Turani, is today called Kilo-Bravo. Brody is just The Passenger, or sometimes Jarhead. Because his head is like a jar of mixed ingredients that has been shaken up many times? Yes, but also because of the Marine that he used to be, and is now pretending to be. Wants to stop wanting to be.

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