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A Million Words For Home
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Dana very nearly got to tell the cops about that old lady she killed, which is like her number one activity of late, but Carrie showed up to tell Brody to cut it out and let the wheels of justice be greased by privilege like usual, because that's how you fight terrorism when you're Carrie Mathison: Doing the opposite of whatever a human being would normally do. Pissed, Dana took off into the streets of DC, presumably to go live with her real dad Mike Faber, who is just like her biological dad in every way except he is: nice, not crazy, and not a member of Al-Qaeda.


Mike: "Dana, what are you doing here at my classy bachelor pad condo?"
Dana: "Things have gone from 'rapidly going to hell' all the way to 'I just realized my parents cannot be trusted.'"
Mike: "Well, whatever gets your mom here. Where she belongs."


Jessica: "Our daughter! Wanders the streets!"
Nick: "You don't even like her. God."
Jessica: "No, but I sure do like yelling!"
Nick: "Look, I can't tell you why Dana couldn't go to the cops. But I'd like to remind you of my CIA Get Out Of Everything Free card."
Jessica: "This is not in that jurisdiction!"
Nick: "I think you missed the part where I get out of Everything."

(Creepy Carrie surveillance van is, of course, right outside.)

Carrie: "I don't have time for this domestic shit. That I caused."
Team Quinn: "Yeah, there's a shocker. He should probably just leave his wife, huh?"
Carrie: "He only has half an hour before his meeting with Roya Hammad. It's going to take at least that long to figure out a way where this ends with us making out."

Nick: "You're so mean about how I just wander off all the time! Even though it's because of the CIA!"
Jessica: "You tell that CIA to fuck off. I am tired of not having you around to yell at whenever I feel like it, which is all the time."
Mike: "Hey, your daughter is here making all these faces..."
Jessica: "Well, I'm going to go get her. And I'm taking Chris. And we are going to pretend we live there."
Mike: "Who is Chris again?"

Carrie: "There goes his wife with a strange little boy. I'd better go in there and make out with him."
Virgil: "Do you want backup?"

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