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A Million Words For Home


Now see, we have ourselves a little conundrum. Because this is one of the most suspenseful sequences in a while -- not a bunker/suicide vest moment, but at least up there with the bomb that made Carrie go crazy -- but if I told you about it in detail, it would just be like: The car, is it going to stop? Maybe. But no, it keeps going.

So yeah. Nick's pretty sure his ass is grass, and Carrie's all about not following him at Quinn's mandatory distance, and Virgil and Max as usual are just caught between 35% doing what they're supposed to do and 65% doing whatever Carrie hisses at them. Over the course of the last few scenes, the sun has been reaching the horizon, so you also have the complicating factor of the darkness encroaching. At some point once they hit the country roads, Roya takes apart Nick's phone, so they have to rely on Quinn Science and Carrie's eagle eyes in the night. How can something that takes so long feel like the scariest thing that ever happened?

Eventually the car stops, and Roya barks at Brody to get out. That this is his chance to prove everything he was apologizing for this morning. Carrie's van has to sail past, to get visual, as Quinn's back home flipping out once again. When they pass -- just as El Mysterioso has reached them, out of the wilderness -- Roya shoves Nick back in the car so then it just looks like two randoms hanging out on a country road, while a random van goes by.

Max takes a bunch of pictures of El Mysterioso in the red tail light, causing Carrie and Quinn to go wild in two separate locations.

Carrie: "Oh my God, Quinn!"
Quinn: "I know! You know what this means?"
Carrie: "I guess it means I should jump out of the car and run around like a chicken with its head cut off."
Quinn: "I was just going to say, this is intense because that guy nearly killed me and killed all those guys in Gettysburg. And that you should under no circumstances get ou..."
Carrie: "-- Okay, here I go!"

Carrie's point, which she is totally lying about because he's right and she's only thinking of Brody, is that with Roya and El Mysterioso in the picture, that's a "critical mass" of people involved in Nick's terrorist cell. Take out those two (or three, she lies obviously) and you could finish off the whole big plan of this season. Nobody is even listening to her at this point about that point of protocol, though, because they know the second Virgil goes under 50 miles per hour she's just gonna jump out anyway, because she is a lunatic.

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