I'll Fly Away

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A Million Words For Home

Carrie: "No. I have already got my bra half-off under this shirt. We will make that meeting, no matter how much making out it takes."

Carrie: "Hey Brody, how's it going? Oh, you're in the fetal position in a dark corner. That's promising."
Nick: "I have lost my entire mind just in this last scene."
Carrie: "Trust me, I know what that's like. You want to get out of here? Maybe go visit your terrorist handler? Get some ice cream?"
Nick: "I just want to be curled up here and be crazy forever. Who knew that it would be my daughter's annoying earnestness that would push me over the edge?"
Carrie: "Anybody who has seen this show could see that coming. But now is not the time."

Nick's Crazy: "Actually I think now is the time."
Carrie's Crazy: "Get up and I'll show you how to be nuts all the time. And then we can make out."


Jessica: "Hey, sorry about all this. But not really."
Mike: "Yeah, it's a shame. Except it isn't at all."
Jessica: "What was Dana going on about this time?"
Mike: "She actually didn't say anything about what's going on."
Jessica: "Really? That's weird, it's like all she ever talks about, ever. Let me fill you in."

Mike: "Whoa. Well, you're never the same after your first old lady killing. No wonder she was so tuckered out."
Jessica: "Can she just sleep here forever and not be my problem anymore?"
Mike: "No, I'll have her call you when she wakes up. I can't be having a full-time teenager right now, between earning myself death threats from the CIA about your husband and also my nonexistent sex life where I just wait for you to scream Nick to death so we can hook back up."


Virgil: "Uh, Nick Brody looks like ass-crazy soufflé."
Carrie: "At least he's vertical now."
Virgil: "Get you some?"
Carrie: "No. But I will."

Roya: "Holy shit girl. You look like fried nonsense."
Nick: "Miss lady, that is exactly how I feel. How much time we got?"
Roya: "You know that I have no time for any of your bullshit..."
Nick: "-- Because I am about to freak out on you so much."
Roya: "I would like to reiterate that I have neither the time nor the patience..."

He freaks out on her so much. She has never looked more beautiful or put together as when she's sitting there just completely blowing his stupid ass off.

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