I'll Fly Away

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A Million Words For Home

Roya: "I know you must be feeling dicked up in your mind..."
Nick: "You have no idea what I am dicked up in!"
Roya: "Get this, though. Blood in blood out. This is not a gym membership you can just figure out you were being overoptimistic. This is something that is going to happen."
Nick: "Are you threatening me?"

Nick runs off and you think maybe Roya is going to flip a 180 and go ninja on him in this park. Wouldn't that be amazing? If she was like, "Uh, remember how I'm a trained terrorist? Taste the terror." But instead she just chases after him, begging him to pull it together. But he will not pull it together. He will not, in this instance, be pulling his shit together.

Quinn!: "Uh, so he just wandered off? Maybe somebody should do something. Hell, I'd be cool with Carrie's Makeout Plan right now."
Carrie: "...I'm on it."

Everybody talks a million times about how the op is blown. Everybody, that is, except for Carrie. Carrie knows she's just a makeout away from bringing this one in. As is her wont, she instructs Virgil to disable the tracking on Nick's phone and lie to Quinn about it, so that she can physically chase him through the quaint streets and make out with him until he is a double agent again. Because right now, he's a zero-agent. That's two less than he started out this morning.

Carrie: "Brody, here's the situation. There are guys following me, following you. So I'm going to need you to get in this minivan and let me drive you somewhere and nobody will know where we are. Then we will do it, and it will be a total creepshow."
Brody: "How does that help the fact that I just fucked things up with both Roya and Quinn by shitting my pants and running around like a tool?"
Carrie: "You're just going to have to trust me."
Brody: "Well, okay. For lack of anything else to do, and the CIA coming to put me in Gitmo so I go crazy like Aileen, I will follow your one plan you always, always have."


Estes: "So you know how in every episode Carrie does something off the chain and I make this face at you? Well, I'm going to make twice that face this time. She put a broken asset with our best lead, that blew up, he ran off, and now they've both disappeared. And you and I both know what happens next. They have creepy sex."

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