I'll Fly Away

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A Million Words For Home

Jessica: "Oh, damn it. Well, I guess I knew he was lying about that. I guess really I did know. So much so that I can't even be angry, just grossed-out and sad."
Dana: "Allow me to reiterate that I did not want to tell you that part, and furthermore that I can tell you in all honesty that I didn't enjoy it even a little bit."
Jessica: "I know that you didn't, but it's nice to hear you think that out aloud."

They are super sweet and only just a little sniffly. I too am only just a little sniffly. Who could have known the episode's highlight would be a tender mother-daughter moment between the two most hated characters and the lowlight would be the angry spooky sex reunion of the two main characters? Just when you think this shit's gonna zig, man.


Carrie: "Those were some good snacks. Now whatever will we do."
Nick: "I could sleep for like a million years. I was kind of excited to be wandering out into DC with my mind fully freaked. I burnt my bridges with Abu Nazir, with the CIA, with my dang daughter... I am ever so alone now. It feels kind of amazing."
Carrie: "How about this. Whatever damage you think you've done, the only way to make it mean something is to stay in the game."
Nick: "Well, here's the ironic thing. I know my cell will have somebody to replace me. Which means there's a new plan already underway anyhow."

Nick: "At least I'll get to stop lying all the dang time. That'll be nice. Come visit me in prison when I am going crazy?"
Carrie: "Um, I will be in the cell next to you. What I was saying before about this meaning something is also true for me. You have to help me stop 9/11 part two, or else I really am just a crazy person and a traitor, also. Which, I have to admit, isn't the future I imagined for us."
Nick: "Us, first of all..."
Carrie: "I didn't expect you to accept that little breadcrumb so happily. I kind of thought you would tell. Which means now I need to get my sexy on."

"...[I]f we saw this through together, if we finally stopped Nazir once and for all, then you'd be a real hero. And that fact would somehow make everything you did before not matter. That it would all just be about getting ... to there."

Brody: "Including what I did to you?"
Carrie: "Yeah, actually. Including that. Just wouldn't matter anymore. To either of us."

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