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A Million Words For Home

It's one of those things where on the surface it's so illogical that they have to make double sure it makes emotional sense. And on the romantic level, it does. It makes so, so much sense. You think whatever part of the story you're in is the most important part of the story, but the only way to overcome that is to be able to imagine the end, the better end of the story. And what she just said, every single one of us has thought. "If we get to the end of this series of bad days I swear to God I won't hold it against you." And if you mean that, and I mean that, then there's a way we both get out alive. Not just alive but healthy.

She isn't crazy. The heroism uber alles part, that's kind of deluded. But the part where they stay holding onto each other, through the storm, and it keeps them both alive? That's the only kind of love I trust. Of all the million kinds of definitions for love this show has given us, it's the only positive one that I also happen to agree with: Love is a harsh, stark thing, a thing that can destroy people and places, but if we don't all get out alive, we did something wrong.

"This deal of ours, I think it's a way out for both of us. You said you're all alone, and... you're not."


Funny thing about the fucking that commences, though, is that this motel is a CIA safehouse with bugs everywhere and Virgil and Max just a few hundred yards off down the road, listening in. Relaying it back to the Shop. Where everybody is listening. And fighting. About the fucking.

Quinn: "Hey listen, I know you're pretty permissive about..."
Saul: "Shut up and stop talking. I am also grossed out."
Quinn: "Maybe we should stop them, though? Because this is just her being crazy?"
Saul: "If anybody can fuck the crazy out of Nick Brody, it's Carrie."
Quinn: "Even Carrie Mathison, that's asking a lot..."

Saul: "Every week in the credits of this show you can hear me saying What the fuck are you doing, because of that time she tried to fuck me into authorizing her surveillance. Every week in the credits of this show, you are reminded of the fact that she considers this an okay method to get what she wants. And then in this case, it's a method to get two of what she wants. Everything she wants right now, she is currently getting it, in a scary sex creepshow."

Quinn: "Oh. Oh wow. Oh, this bitch crazy. You guys're always saying how crazy she is and I was all, 'I'm pretty crazy too but like in a funny weird way,' but you meant she is fucking crazy. I thought it would make me laugh, but actually I feel like I'm about to start crying. Normally this icky feeling is about murdering people for national security. This deal where two sad and broken people are fucking for national security, I don't have an immune system for that yet. I just feel so bad for literally everybody on earth right now. Isn't that weird? I would have thought it would make me laugh, but really I just want a hug. Saul, can I have a hug right now?"

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