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Anxiety Is Time Travel

Quinn: "Everybody's going to be clamoring for a soundbite from him..."
Estes: "First of all, he is not going to be capable of saying anything that makes sense for a good long while, once he hears about this. And second of all, it's perfect because it'll look like retaliation."
Quinn: "You have a real 'gazing into the abyss' thing about you."


Jessica: "Hey Brody?"
Brody: "Oh shit, what now?"
Major Joy: "Everything's fine. In fact, Abu Nazir is dead."

Sometimes it's not about time at all, but about space. We put pieces of ourselves in other people for safe-keeping, or they steal them away from us against our will. Sometimes both. They think this will put him back together, but it just pulls him apart. The beast that served so many masters, abruptly without a single one. He breaks down, in utter grief, for exactly three seconds; pastes on the scariest smile, once he's done.

Jessica: "Whoa. If we weren't already getting a divorce, that would do it. Holy shit!"
Dana: "That is exactly what I am fucking talking about."

Everybody except Major Joy sort of figures out that Nick Brody is a terrorist. Then they head home.


Jessica: "Listen, are you coming inside? Or do you still need to process some shit? Because I am your girl for that. Listen, you sit tight and I'll just climb on into this car with you until it gets real weird."
(It immediately gets real weird.)
Jessica: "I don't want to fight anymore. I don't just mean with you, I mean, period. Like, in the social climbing realm. Or for ideals. No more fighting. Just sleeping."
Brody: "I know, right?"
Jessica: "It's crazy because we did a really good job, all things considered. I mean, it was a bloodbath, but we tried really hard. I don't think we need to feel bad about it."
Brody: "I know what you mean."
Jessica: "I tried, Brody. I let you do all that humiliating sex shit to me, I resisted Mike as well as I could. I just thought if I were ... bigger somehow, I could have done it. I could have given you what you needed to be okay again. Put you back together."
Brody: "You were a trooper, man. Don't worry about it. It was beyond us both. I tried to put myself back together, too. Didn't work out. I was fucked up when I left for Iraq."
Jessica: "We all were, honey."

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