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Anxiety Is Time Travel

Brody: "I've been meaning to speak to you about that..."
Jessica: "I'm over it. The whole thing. Fucking Mike Faber has clarified a lot for me."
Brody: "It's pretty crazy, right? Like I come home and ruin your life, and suddenly I'm a Congressman, and then I'm going to be VP... It's sort of a relief, isn't it."
Jessica: "Totally! You just get me. I love you, in certain ways."
Brody: "We are absolutely getting a divorce, correct?"
Jessica: "Absolutely we are doing that."


Brody: "Do you mind if I... Are you gonna be cool like this one time?"
Jessica: "Yeah but just for like five seconds. That's it."


Brody: "Carrie. So it worked, you're okay."
Carrie: "Nick I am far from okay. But yes, I did get away from Abu Nazir, the only person you love more than me. They are going to catch him, and they are going to kill him."
Brody: "Let's talk about something else. Like, did you tell Quinn that I got you out of there by killing the Vice President? A thing I was going to do anyway, because I am a terrorist?"
Carrie: "I left that part out. The CIA mostly thinks I'm a magical wizard, so they didn't actually probe for too many details."
Brody: "'All' I 'care about' right now is that you're safe. And that you don't tattle on me."
Carrie: "All I care about is getting Abu Nazir and killing him dead. Which I can't do while I'm shivering out here in a trauma blanket, so basically my choices are chatting with you on an open line about how we killed the Vice President, or like Angry Birds."


Saul: "James Urbaniak, you adorable motherfucker. What's this all about?"
Urbaniak: "It's a lie detector test. Totally random. Nothing to do with the fact that you accused David Estes of purposefully blowing up a school full of kids and then hiring assassins to cover it up."
Saul: "I think that, for me, this episode is probably going to suck."
Chance Kelly: "...But at least you get to look at me while it's happening. I am kind of amazing to look at."
Urbaniak: "I have to go be on like every TV show, Saul. You'll be fine with this guy."
Chance Kelly: Cracks his knuckles. Time for the telling of truths.


Quinn: "How's it going?"

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