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Anxiety Is Time Travel


Carrie stares at herself in the mirror and commands herself to come back to the present; comes back out into the hallway just in time to see them transfer Roya. Roya's looking pretty ratchet, but still is the most lovely woman in the world. She's all chained up. Not loving today. Time-traveled all to hell.

Carrie: "Hey, sistagirl. Big fan. Listen, you see all the abrasions on my lovely face, and the marks on my wrists from where I was chained to a big pipe? That's your buddy Nazir."
Roya: "Good. You're a jerk."
Carrie, verbatim: "He was surprisingly frank. He told me it would take centuries to defeat the unbelievers, and he didn't care how many casualties there would be. On either side. How many people died... It's of no concern. I think that's him, not you. You were a student, and then a reporter, but you were never a soldier. You've never been there, at ground zero, when the bomb goes off, knowing all that death is on you. The naval base attack would have been the first time. 300 men and women coming home, their families waiting for them. Their children. All just... blown to pieces. But it didn't happen. And now you have a second chance. Take it. Because I think there's some part of you that's relieved that bomb never went off..."

Quinn spots Carrie in there, yakkin' at Roya, and just sort of rolls his eyes like, "Oh, Carrie! That darn Carrie." But what are you gonna do, interrupt? Or keep looking?

Carrie: "Roya, what he does -- which is kill innocent people -- it's justified by a future which, uh, for the life of me I can't believe you actually want."
Roya: "You have no idea what I want."
Carrie: "I get that it's personal, and you have Gaza Strip feelings about all this, and your grandpa died, but Nazir can't actually change any of that. His only answer is perpetual war."

Roya is a beast in the form of a woman, that sneaks into the room when Carrie's not looking. Just when Carrie thinks she's doing what she always does: Save the day.

"Have you ever had someone who somehow ... takes over your life, pulls you in... gets you to do things that ... aren't really you? That you know are wrong, but you can't help yourself? Do you have anyone like that?"

Carrie started crying in the middle of the first sentence, the first question. Yeah, she does. Yeah, she knows what that's like. They're having a funeral, soon.

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