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Anxiety Is Time Travel

Roya: "Boom! Gotcha, because you're a stupid whore and that's not what is going on here at all. You get on my nerves!"

She pulls off the skin mask of her face to reveal a wild animal, screaming half in English, and mmmmmaybe she's just a little less lovely at the end of it, or what would be the end if she were to ever stop freaking out. Hilariously, Carrie just gets the fuck on out of there.

Quinn: "Wow. So that went well."
Carrie: "Yeah, she really got inside my head. That bitch is in it to win it, man."
Quinn: "You really should go home. Not because you're not the messiah, not because you fucked up anything in particular today, but just because you are the walking dead right now. It's actually because of how important you are that I want you to go home. You need a nap."
Carrie: "Maybe you are right. Maybe that's why I am off my game, maybe it's that I haven't slept in like three days."
Quinn: "I promise that nothing will happen without you, okay? I know you well enough to promise that. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to torture Roya Hammad in ways nobody needs to know about."

How funny would it be if the first thing he did was stab her through the hand?

Estes: "Thanks for lie-detecting Saul, Chance Kelly."
Chance Kelly: "I am just so mysterious and mesmerizing! Anyway, I got him to cop to last season's illegal surveillance of Sergeant Brody, the Aileen Morgan thing, and a more general sort of ongoing insubordination..."
Estes: "Cool and that's it, right?"
Chance Kelly: "Well, he did mention that you blew up a school full of kids and now have an adorable assassin in place to murder a US Congressman, but..."
Estes: "But what."
Chance Kelly: "But whatever, I just assumed he was acting crazy, so I left it out. Even though the machine said he was telling the truth. Frankly? Lie detectors, I don't trust 'em. The one thing that they are for."
Estes: "Good boy."


Carrie turns on the radio and doesn't even get like three seconds into her jazz freakout before she recalls something from the screaming of Roya, and abruptly heads back to the Tunnels, dialing Quinn.

Quinn: "You home yet? You're not, are you? You're off on some kind of thing, aren't you? God damn it, Carrie."
Carrie: "Remember how Roya was yelling so hard?"

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