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And This Is Crazy

Quinn: "That's totally cool with me. I'm sure this transition has been hard and I'm willing to indulge you for a little while. I know that your misbehavior often masks a sincere affection -- take the way you treat Virgil, for example. I won't put up with it forever, but I recognize that you're tricky with authority and I just want you at your best, so just tell me what you need."
Carrie: "Thanks, bro. Or should I say, EMOTIONAL TORTURER."


Finn takes Dana up to the top of the Monument, which is in renovations. They talk about his new Richie Rich car, and the Secret Service guys, and they look down at the city, and it's lovely. One of the best scenes, I think, on this entire series. And I can't nail down what makes it so awesome, which is generally when I know I'm right and it's just plain good.

Dana: "I like you! Sorry, I just blurted that for no reason except to move the plot. I do that a lot, actually."
Finn: "It's cool. I was going to kiss you."
(They kiss, and it is awesome.)
Dana: "Wait, I mean no. I mean, I have a boyfriend."
Finn: "I want to be your boyfriend."
Dana: "I want that too. But I don't want to be a dick to Xander. That's his name, Xander. He's nice. Kind of old, but still aimless. Like a janitor that went to your high school when he was your age, and smokes pot."
Finn: "But I'm nicer than him? That doesn't sound right."
Dana: "No. You're smarter, which translates to meaner. Give me like twenty-four hours. I promise you, I'll do it so fast it won't even happen onscreen."


Lauder: "Whew! I was so drunk before my nap! But not drunk enough that I don't remember what I said. The part where I accused you of wanting to restart your relationship with Jessica that ended when her zombie husband came back from the dead, at least. The part where everybody we know is a terrorist, I stand by that."
Faber: "Thing is? You're not wrong. Brody's been super weird ever since he came from the dead. And other things, lots of things. But maybe it's just CIA stuff..."
Lauder: Wait, Brody has [verbatim] a 'connect' with the 'spooks'?"
Faber: "I wouldn't put it that way -- no human being alive would ever put it that way -- but yeah. But still, what's the Tom Walker part of this?"


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