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And This Is Crazy

This is my favorite thing about the entire show, obviously: The Real Or Not Real thing about Nick and Carrie, the way no rational person could say Both And Neither, the way all of us are saying that all the time. Carrie's life as this Hall of Mirrors where each improvisation is a lie made up of truths, or the truth masquerading as a lie masquerading as the truth. Nick's life at times the opposite: A series of glaring admissions, complete disclosure, open and public and loud -- but spoken in a language only Carrie could understand.

Which sounds very romantic and very dramatic, but I'm not really about those things personally. I'm interested in other people's love lives because sociology is autobiography's big sister; because telling stories about other people, be they fictional or real, is the most honest way of talking about ourselves ever devised. It's not the drama, exactly, or the sort of soapy inconvenience to their affair -- which never seems unrealistic because the entire show is painted specifically around it; it is the spine -- but more the metaphor, which is that we are all spies and we are all lying and we are all desperate to tell the truth.

Nick gets hung up in the driveway, getting bitched at by his taxi driver for only having a card: "This is why no one wants the Langley jobs, because these paranoid spy types... They see you pass paper, they follow you the rest of the day."

An interesting take, an ironic response -- "Sure you're not the one who's paranoid?" -- and then, like he summoned her by name, she's there.


If Carrie Mathison were to encounter Nicholas Brody on the steps at Langley, how would she behave?

She would laugh, shoulders drawn up, shy and thrilled to see him and embarrassed. Knowing the way her face moves, how it twitches when she feels too much. Blushing, recalling dimly the last time they interacted. She would hoot-hoot-hoot, hoom-hoom; hands jammed into pockets until the seams strained. Yesterday's rain still collected in the cobbles. She would stare into his eyes and anywhere but his eyes. She would be so full of shame that her body could not contain any other emotion, and she would be so full of joy that her body could not contain any other emotion.

Carrie: "I'm supposed to stay away from you."
Nick: "Oh, Carrie. No, it's fine..."
Carrie: "I did make that promise."
Nick: "So, how are you?"

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