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And This Is Crazy

Brody: "All true. But that chick is stubborn as hell, and brilliant. And I am utterly fascinating, so..."

Roya: "Dude, she was fully discredited. Stop worrying about it."
Brody: "Sure looked like an infinite number of her on the steps at Langley, talking about some mysterious redheaded terrorist she was tracking for them. You should probably tell me to hook back up with her."
Roya: "You're right. You know what, I think you should hook back up with her."
Brody: "Are you sure?"
Roya: "Don't argue with me."

Brody: "By the way, everything about the Tailor situation was fucked. I am not happy these days about being a terrorist."
Roya: "Well, since this whole show is about that, you better pull it together."


Quinn: "Oh, so you were fucking him. Sorry, just catching up."
Carrie: "Fuck you, I was fucking him. Yes, but still. Who you fucking?"
Quinn: "An ER nurse, but she's more into me than I am into her."
Carrie: "That was rhetorical."
Quinn: "I don't care how tall and stately he is, if that guy did to me what he did to you? Got me fired? Made me think I was crazy? Sent me off to get electroconvulsive therapy? I would fucking rip his skin off."
Carrie: "Yeah, well. That's the plan. Or more precisely, it is a plan."

Grant Morrison said the neatest thing about Superman one time, he said something like the fact that Clark Kent is the only time where the secret identity is the one that's the lie. That Superman puts Clark Kent on like a suit, rather than the other way around. Superheroes wear masks to protect themselves from the world; Superman wears Clark to protect the world from himself.

Do Nicholas and Carrie love each other because they've been fooled by the other? Do they love each other because they think they've fooled the other? Do they love each other because that's the story they're telling themselves? Or is it possible that they put on "Nick" and "Carrie," pretend to be pretending, because it's the only way either of them can see the other clearly?


Betsy: "Does your wife understand that leaving a single message with me is equally as effective as calling dozens of times? What is it, do you think, that she believes irritating your secretary will do to help make electronics work more efficiently, or time move more quickly? Because between you and me, I'm starting to think it might start doing the opposite pretty soon if she doesn't pull it together."

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