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Carrie thought the whole plan to return Javadi to Iran was interesting, but not as interesting as tracking down the Langley Bomber and clearing Nick Brody's name; Saul, secretly planning to do both, retrieved Brody from Caracas. Meanwhile, an obsessive Carrie tried to blow the entire season's operation in a single instant, forcing Quinn to shoot her in one of the show's most hilarious scenes to date. Oh, and it looks like Mira Berenson's side-piece is a spy, just like everybody else.


Carrie: "Sitrep."
Navy Doc: "You're awake, don't rip your sutures. The shot went straight through, missed the bones and nerves altogether. You are a lucky lady."
Carrie: "Lucky Quinn's such a great shot, you mean. Besides being perfect in every single other way."
Navy Doc: "Sit tight as long as you need."
Carrie: "You mean as long as the CIA needs."
Navy Doc: "I mean I don't give a shit. Spies are the worst. Oh, and your baby is fine. Or at least as fine as it possibly could be, given that your womb is a tequila-fueled dryer set to 'tumble,' every day of your life."

Also in a hospital bed, and if possible in worse shape, is the former Sergeant. He is surrounded by a group of hot docs who go everywhere with him and have beards and it's like, if Nick is Sleeping Beauty, they are the dwarves. Sexy, highly competent dwarves. The second he wakes up he starts screaming and almost being dead, and we learn that he got so freaky on the flight back to the States that some bright mister gave him a half-pint of vodka. But he doesn't want vodka, he wants heroin! To inject into all of his veins!

Grumpy: "Listen, seven days is not a long time."
Saul: "But it's 20 March, and Lockhart's getting confirmed in a week!"
Doc: "I admit, he presents a challenge. Due to having every problem, plus probably Hepatitis C, and also probably HIV. Literally everything bad, he has it going on."
Saul: "We're not taking him to a hospital."
Sneezy: "We can keep him stable, but... I mean, he's a junkie."
Saul: "What stage of withdrawal is this? This flopping around and screaming and trying to steal syringes even if they don't have heroin in them?"
Sleepy: "Um, like Day One. This is a hilarious birthday party with a pony, relatively. Can we give him methadone?"

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