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The team takes him to the border at Marivan, to ask for asylum like plenty of other Al-Qaeda. They vet him -- which should be awful, I'm guessing -- and then fly him to Tehran. He'll be treated like propaganda, because that's what he is, meaning that General Akbari and other people on that level will need to be seen with him. Nothing he didn't go through last year, with the swimming pools and those nasty women gaping at his scars. Javadi eases the gears, Brody takes out the General, and then...

Scott: "You seem concerned about our extraction plan. Wait, that makes sense. Let me tell you about that. Once you're inserted at the border, four team members continue south to Nodesheh, cross the mountains, and make their way overland to Lavasan, outside Tehran. There's a safe house there, provided by the opposition, which we're already outfitting...

When he finally gets outside, Carrie is smoking a baby. I mean a cigarette. She acts cute when he catches her, in that jangly Carrie way -- "I'm not, it just looks like I'm smoking, it never happened, it's over and you saw nothing" -- but even for her, it's pretty damaged-sounding. Almost like she is ashamed of herself.

Brody: "I'm doing what you want, I did everything you asked. To the letter."
Carrie: "Dana? I meant after you got back. You're in no state."
Brody: "Carrie, we both know I am going to die in Tehran. Please be cool."
Carrie: "It's a long shot, but then I wasn't sure you'd make it this far either."
Brody: "Is that why you've been avoiding me?"
Carrie: "No. It is not. Look, I can't get you off the base and back in time to..."
Brody: "I'm not going at all unless I see Dana again, so you tell me."


Carrie: "Oh hey PS, before she got rid of your name she tried to kill herself because she was ashamed of you, and ended up in a mental institution until your disgraced wife couldn't pay for her care anymore. Go get 'em, Tiger!"

It is a very long walk. Even longer once he's at the door, and she staring out the window at him. Not like a ghost, not like a coffee advertisement: Like Hell is at her door.

Dana: "How'd you find me?"
Brody: "Carrie, duh."
Dana: "No hugs and no sympathy. That girl died. My name's Lazaro now."
Brody: "Okay I just wanted to give you a quick heads-up that I didn't blow up the CIA or kill anybody."

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